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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Was Dorrough a victim of profiling by "rap police"?


DEA agents raided the home of rapper Dorrough a week ago on suspicion of drug dealing. The rapper was subsequently arrested February 8th in Dallas, Texas. Reports indicate, however, that no drugs or weapons were found on the rapper or in his home.

"Dorrough has obtained powerful counsel and one of his attorneys is a Senator," an unnamed source told AllHipHop. "Dorrough will make a formal statement with plans to clear his name later this week."

A spokesperson on behalf of Dorrough music states, “All they found were gold & platinum plaques (‘Ice Cream Paint Job’ sales) on the walls. Dorrough is anxious to get back in the studio to work and make more hits.”

Dorrough has an up-and-coming hip hop career, with hit singles "Walk That Walk", "Ice Cream Paint Job" and "Get Big." all charting in the US.  He's also been featured in several hip hop publications, most notably XXL.

Julia Beverly of Ozone Magazine said, "While it wouldn’t be unheard of for a rapper to be funding their music career with drug proceeds, Dorrough’s business savvy has always impressed me and he comes across like a professional, not a dope boy. Since the raid turned up no evidence, it seems like the Hip Hop police might be reaching with this one."

I agree with JB. Dorrough isn't that dude. I can't claim to know him well but in my encounters with him from various shows and parties that we've done at the same venues, he doesn't strike me as the "dope boy" type. He's got his head on straight and too much to lose to go the Lil Boosie route. He's also smart at marketing himself and never missing an opportunity to promote a big project. He used a "leaked" sex tape to promote his single "Get Big" and this DEA raid is a perfect opportunity to promote his new "Code Red" Gangsta Grillz Mixtape with Dj Drama. How appropriate.

 Available at www.dorroughmusic.com


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