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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Steve Nash All-Star Snub Is A Sign Of The Times


Steve Nash is officially a dinosaur. Oh, he's not lossed anything from his game but given the way he was snubbed when the All-Star rosters were selected, you wouldn't be able to tell. This season, Nash is running the show for Phoenix in his 15th season and is their only star player. Besides an ever aging Vince Carter, the Suns don't have much of a go to presence. Grant Hill is a veteran leader averaging about 14 ppg but he's older than Nash AND Carter combined!!! I have to say, Nash is doing more with less than he's ever had. As I'm typing this, Phoenix is one game over .500% and are only 2 games out of the playoff picture with 31 game still left to play in a very tight Western Conference where one win or loss can make or break your playoff hopes. Steve Nash is one of the greatest point guards ever hands down. He's a first ballot Hall of Famer with 2 MVP's and is close to 50 fg%, 40 3pt %, and 90 ft % for his career. He's actually having a better year, statistically speaking, than he did in 2004-2005 when he won his first MVP award.
So why is he NOT an All-Star? Things that make you go "Hmmm.." I understand that the midseason showcase is basically a popularity cast where starters are chosen by the fans but the coaches select the reserves. I realize that the numbers of Russell Westbrook and Deron Williams are too awesome to pass them up but...Chris Paul? Really? He deserves more respect. Nash scores more points per game this season, dishes more assists, and scores at a considerably higher efficiency rate with less time spent on the court! Chris Paul edges Nash slightly on 3 point field goal percentage, minutes per game, and steals per game. This tells me that the NBA has decided to move in another direction in the way that it markets its stars. Steve Nash isn't a has been but dont tell them that. It almost seems as if Nash is punished for who is or who isn't on his team. He wasn't responsible for Shawn Marion and/or Amare Stoudamire racking up points for the Suns while still in their early prime anymore than he's responsible for them both being gone now.  

Check out the statistical breakdown. I compared Nash's first MVP season to this year's numbers and the numbers don't lie! 

75 games 34.3 mpg .502 fg% .431 3p% .887 ft% 3.3 rpg 11.5 apg  1 spg 15.5 ppg
49 games 33.1 mpg .525 fg% .413 3p% .916 ft% 3.6 rpg 11.1 apg .7 spg 16.7 ppg

Whether Nash ever makes the All-Star game or not wont affect his legacy but he deserves more respect from the coaches of the NBA and should've gotten the nod. Im sure his aging bones won't mind the rest but Steve Nash's greatness should never be forgotten or overlooked.


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