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Monday, January 31, 2011

Da Hitman presents Unique Styles 2K11 Vol 1 (Hosted by Ace Hood)


Da' Hitman officially kicks of his Art of War Campaign today with Unique Styles 2K11 Vol 1 - hosted by none other than We The Best/Def Jam artist Ace Hood who has the hottest record in the streets right now with the banger "Hustle Hard". Unique Styles 2K11 Vol 1 features music from of course the host himself "Mr Hoooood", but also includes new fire from Busta Rhymes, Nikki Grier, Schoolboy Q and Jay Rock, Hopsin, Chris Brown, Slaughterhouse, Dres, Brandun DeShay, and Billy Blue. Some highlights from Unique Styles 2K11 Vol 1 are the exclusives from Mims and Eclipse, Wreckamic, and Miss Marianna. There is also new music from independent artists Skool, TME Boyz, e1ghty8, Philos, Gengis Khan, Millaboy, and more.

01 Ace Hood, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne - Hustle Hard Remix
02 Millaboy ft JYung - Im On It produced by TwanBeaz
03 Skool - Grody
04 Wreckamic - Welcome to the Show
05 Chris Brown ft Busta Rhymes - Look At Me Now
06 Skool - Take Off
07 TME Boyz - Unkut
08 Mims ft Eclipse - Dangerous
09 Ace Hood - Gangsta Shit
10 Hopsin ft SwizZz - How You Like Me Now
11 Philos - Body Wet
12 Brandun DeShay - Right About Now
13 e1ghty8 - Do Yo Thang produced by Rico Priest
14 Richill ft Boo Bonic and Curtains - I Been Ill
15 Schoolboy Q ft Jay Rock - What's Tha Word
16 Gengis Khan - Who
17 Slaughterhouse ft Dres - Back On the Scene
18 Miss Marianna - Good Girls or Bad Girls
19 Ace Hood - Real Shit
20 Ace Hood - Money Freestyle
21 Nikki Grier ft Busta Rhymes - Downtown
22 Skool - Flashy and Famous
23 BONUS - Billy Blue - Hustle Hard Remix

Mediafire link to zip file with all tracks, cover art and track listing
ThatCrack url to listen/download
DatPiff url to listen/download
Coast2Coast Mixtapes url to listen/download
MixtapePass url to listen/download
TweetMyMixtape url to listen/download
MixtapePage url to listen/download
BTMixtapes url to listen/download

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More will be added as the various websites post the mixtape.

Unique Styles 2K11 Vol 1 (hosted by Ace Hood) Twitter Roll Call
01 @therealAceHood, @rickyrozay @lilwaynehq
02 @Millaboy_Online
03 @Skoolinyou
04 @Wreckamic
05 @CHRISBROWN @BusaBusss
06 @Skoolinyou
07 @tmeboyz_online
08 @mimslife @EclipseDarkness
09 @therealAceHood
10 @hopsin
11 @FamousPhilos thanks to @JMorrisCEO
12 @brandunXdeshay
13 @88DMV
14 @RichHil @boobonic @DOPEBOYC
15 @schoolboyq @jayrock
16 @Gengis24 thanks to @JMorrisCEO
17 @s1aughterhouse @dresblacksheep
18 @mcmissmarianna
19 @therealAceHood
20 @therealAceHood
21 @nikkigrier @BusaBusss
22 @Skoolinyou

Be sure to visit www.acehood-online.com to get connected with Ace Hood directly and keep up to date with everythin "Mr Hoooood" has coming up and going on.

If you are ready to secure your slot or slots on Unique Styles 2K11 Vol 2 hosted by Hopsin (dropping Feb 25th) click on UNIQUE STYLES MIXTAPE SLOTS today and lock in your slot.

This is how we separate the bullshit from the bosses - real DJ shit - no booty 

Friday, January 28, 2011

M.A.S.H. "Me I Get It In" featuring Yung Texxus & Wreckamic


Here’s the new single from M.A.S.H. feautirng Yung Tuxxus and Wreckamic. “Me I Get It In” was produced by Beat Flippaz! They're setting the table for that “Sign Endorse Here 2″ mixtape that’ll be out before you know it! Me I me I get it innnnnn…


Thursday, January 20, 2011

How Does Blake Griffin Match Up With The Greats?


At 6,10", 251lbs, the Los Angeles Clippers rookie phenom Blake Griffin is doing things on the court that no one has ever seen before. He's the new human highlight film. As I type this, he has recorded 27 straight double-doubles and shows no signs of stopping. Currently, he is averaging 22.5 ppg and 12.8 rpg and his per game statistics have improved every month! After recording a season high 47pts and 14 boards against the Pacers on MLK Day, I began to wonder. Who does he remind me of? Names like Shawn Kemp, Chris Webber, Karl Malone, Charles Barkley and Dominique Wilkins come to mind. I started to compare and contrast these players with Griffin in my mind.

Height: 6,10" Weight: 230-260

Shawn Kemp was a raw talent who came into the NBA at 19. By the time he was Blake Griffin's current age, he was averaging roughly 15 ppg and 10 rpg. More than just a dunker, Kemp sported a consistent 17 ft jumper that he used as a weapon to keep defenders honest. He was also a better shot blocker than Griffin hands down but those are the only two thing that "The Reignman" had on The Blake Show. Kemp only averaged 20 ppg once in his career with a career average of 14.6 ppg and 8.6 rpg respectively. Those number would have been significantly higher had he either maintained a decent playing weight or simply retired 3 years earlier. We will always remember those thunderous dunks though!

Height" 6,10" Weight: 245
Chris Webber came out of college known for making that infamous "no timouts" call but throughout his career showed an IQ for the game and usually made the smart basketball play. He was an excellent athlete until suffering knee injuries later in his career. At his best, Webber never averaged both 22 and 12. He did however pull down 13 rpg in in 98-99 as well as score 22 ppg or more for a season 5 times. In comparison to Griffin, Webber was a far more accomplished passer and had a much more reliable jump shot. Webber was also an considerably better shot blocker, averaging 1.4 for his career. If you look at Webber's playoff statistics, his scoring, scoring percentage, rebounds, and free throw percentage are all lower than his regular season numbers. This separates the all-time greats from Chris Webber in my opinion.

Height: 6,9" Weight: 250

Their build is almost identical! The comparisons are scary. Early in his career, the Mailman was known as a ferocious dunker and an excellent rebounder. Malone never was much of a shot blocker and wasn't particularly known as a shut down defender but rather made his living stripping the ball from opponents as they attempted to drive past. He had a knack for frustrating defenders with a versatile repertoire of finesse as well as power moves that often led to baskets or a trip to the free throw line. In comparison to Griffin, Malone was a far superior jump shooter who was comfortable shooting from 18 feet in. However, 2 time MVP Karl Malone only averaged both 22 & 12 ONCE in his Hall of Fame career. Hmm.

Height: 6,6" Weight: 252

Barkley did more with less underneath the boards and was more of a scoring threat than anyone else who came to mind. Listed as 6,6", Barkley was closer to 6,4 and 1/2"  in socks. His career averages are 22.1 ppg, 11.7 rpg, 3.9 ast, and 1.5 stl respectively. Those are the numbers of a first ballot HOFer. What's interesting to me is, Barkley's numbers in his 2nd season are almost identical to Griffin's this year! That means that he's trending in the right direction. Although he never won a championship, Barkley did win a gold medal and an MVP.

Height: 6,8" Weight: 225
 Dominique Wilkins played small forward but had a BIG game! He was energetic. He could jump out of the gym. He wreaked havoc on the offensive glass. Teams would try to double team him but he didn't stay in one place on the court for too long. Dominique Wilkins was a special, "once in a generation" player who unfortunately didn't really get the credit that he deserved until recently. He should have been a first ballot Hall of Famer. Wilkins won a Euroleague championship but never one in the NBA. His above the rim style of play lives on in Blake Griffin.

Career stats: 24.5 ppg 6.7 rpg. He was known as "The Human Highlight Film". Here's why...

What more does Blake Griffin have to do? For starters, Griffin needs to improve his defensive stats. He's a pesky, "hustle" defender but he doesn't tally many steals or blocks per game. If only charges taken were an official stat. His fg% is excellent but next year teams are going to be savvy to his 2 move repertoire and will try to take away his spin move. He will need to develop depth and consistency in his jump shot. He's so elusive on backdoor cuts and impossible to guard when he's running the lane without the ball that it makes for an easy living. Blake has the ability to average 16 point per game from running the break and second chance opportunities with his offensive rebounding abilities. He has made 4 out of his 8 3pt attempts which is good and has proven that he can knock down the deep ball but is not comfortable enough to shoot them in volume. That shows wisdom and restraint. Blake Griffin is a smart basketball player and there is no telling how good he can be. Its fun to speculate for now and enjoy the excitement that he's brought to the NBA. Since when have people been this excited to watch the Los Angeles Clippers? Who knows if he will ever be able to lead the Clip ship to a championship? Ultimately, that will be the deciding factor on whether or not he goes down as an all-time great or just a really talented player who could never get over that hump.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Texas rappers featured on EA Sports "MMA" video game


EA Sports "MMA" features my song "It Goes Down" WRECKAMIC featuring Paul Wall.
The track is produced by Big Tra "The Hitmaker" and co produced by T. Hall of The Necksnappers.

The game also features many other songs including fellow Dallas, TX rap artist and friend Cutta C.

"MMA" is available for purchase on XBOX 360, PS3 and the iPhone.
The game released worldwide October 19th featuring the Strikeforce fighting league. Featuring music by Wreckamic "It Goes Down" WRECKAMIC ft Paul Wall

Wreckamic "It Goes Down" ft Paul Wall



I HAD A NIGHTMARE.  I had a nightmare that nothing changed. We never overcame.  America never meant for that promissory note to include all of its people but only some. We drank from the cup of bitterness and hatred rather than loving one another. I had a nightmare that the people of this nation were judged by the content of their melanin rather than the content of their character. That my girlfriend and I were persecuted for our love. That my little cousins and kinfolk were ridiculed and treated as second class. That we never realized change. That the nation never rose up together in brotherhood to scream "YES WE CAN!". I had a nightmare that we never had the voice to.


I thanked God for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and asked myself  "When will you be satisfied?".
We've still got work to do folks!

[artwork by Adam "Slim" Hernandez]

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Friday, January 14, 2011



Its about that time again....its been January 2010 for two weeks now. Its too late to be wishing people "happy new year!" but last year is still fresh on our minds. THIS is a list of a 10 things that I would be happy to forget from 2010!

1. Those damn horns that everybody was blowing into during the FIFA World Cup will NOT be missed! I was proud of everybody coming together in South Africa and representing but that incessant racket worked my nerves thoroughly. The controversial Vuvuzela horn caused most of us TV viewers to hit the "mute" button. It emits 127 decibels and is louder than a pneumatic riveter. I hope they ban them from upcoming events. Team USA in 2014!!!

2.  The extreme right, the state of Arizona, and those damn teabaggers! The North American Tea Party movement can bite my ass. I got sick of hearing them whine and complain about how UnAmerican our President Obama's policies were but it irked me even more that they had no logical solutions to our obvious problems. Its cool to point out mistakes or shortcomings but come with some solutions. Be constructive! At the very least, have a platform to stand on. All they did was divide an already leadership weak GOP. Lets look at some of their contributions. Hmm...let's start with "venomous slurs" directed at gay and black congressmen, "death threats and vandalism" aimed at Democrats, and an "unglued firestorm of homicidal rhetoric."; some of which led to the attempted murder of Dem. Congresswoman Giffords. Everyone is accountable.

3. Drake. Enough is enough. I understand that he's the new sensation who can sing and rap but he should pick one and stick to it in my opinion. He's a good rapper but he has a cookie cutter flow and always sounds the same. He's nasally and annoying. He pauses way to much :insert "yeah": and I've heard plenty of girls say that some of his lyrics are just NOT believable. Now, far be it from me to judge another man's sexual prowess but I will quote my girlfriend by saying "Aint no way in hell that Drake is knockin it out box or beatin anything up. He's scrawny and beige!" lol He also started a Moscato revival of sorts, which doesn't bother me but he's responsible for  hood hoes everywhere thinking that its some high class expensive brand. It just white wine folks! smh

4. Disclaimer: I'm not a hater. lol NOW...with that out of the way, I'm tired of Travis Porter and Roscoe Dash and not for the reasons that you may think. I don't like the fact that I can't tell who's who or the fact that I just found out, as of a month ago, that Travis Porter was 3 completely different people! :sigh:  That's just too damn confusing. Also, in the "No Hands" song with Waka Flocka and Wale, a reference to Moscato was made...by a dude. That's a girly drink bro. Damn you Drake!

5. Bandwagon sports fans! 2010 was a year that saw the Texas Rangers reach the World Series for the first time ever, the Dallas Cowboys be picked as preseason Super Bowl favorites and EXTREMELY underachieve, Tiger Woods' complete fall from grace,  Michael Vick's return to stardom, as well as some tragic events that I won't go into right now. The common theme that drives me crazy is how fickle, sometimey, hypocritical, and wack people can be! It had become a common theme to overlook or crack jokes about the Rangers until the playoffs and them BOOM...all of a sudden they came out of the woodworks. The Cowboys losses showed who was a TRUE fan and who wasn't but what really intrigued me was how a person who used to be so loved (Tiger Woods) could be so villified and a person who used to be so hated (Michael Vick) could become the savior to a city (Philadelphia) that is just as known for its brotherly love as it is for running sports stars outta town! People are a trip.

6. Five different invites on facebook from the same person! I wish there was a way to "mute" people's activity for awhile. Spam is annoying enough but do you really think I'm going to come to your party just because I get a message from you every 3 mins on the day of?

7. Sentences that start out with "Dr. Oz says...". So what!?!

8. Pervert QB's. Brett Favre. I'm so glad he'll be gone for good after this year! He's a first ballot hall of famer but he's an egomaniacal prick. No pun intended. 2010 showed us how weird this guy really is. It went from an unsolicited picture of his flacid penis to a video of him asking to sniff a woman's feet. GTFOH Brett! Ben Roethlisberger. He's a rapist and there's not anything that anyone can say to me to make me think otherwise. Complete douchebag. Both of them.

9.  Homophobes and homophobia in general. As a heterosexual male who is comfortable with his sexuality, there is nothing about a gay man being gay that makes me uncomfortable. My rule is "As long as you don't bother me, you're not bothering me." Nobody wants to be hit on by someone that they are not attracted to but being paranoid that a guy is checking you out is just rediculous. Furthermore, its THEIR life to live how they see fit to live it. What you eat doesn't make me shit and who you're sleeping with doesn't get me off or turn me off. Live and let live people!

10. Ex-girlfriends or flings that can't let go. There is nothing more sad than a desperate cling-on! Most have at least a little self respect and will test to see your reaction but some don't even have a modicum of dignity, otherwise they would L.I.G. (let it go!) and move on with their life. 2010 was the first complete year of my adult life that I have been in a committed relationship and naturally I had to cut ties with certain people from my past. Needless to say, it was easier with some than with others. I noticed that I had to defriend, delete, and downright ignore some just to set the boundaries and let them know that I was serious about my current relationship. I hate that I had to do it like that because some of them started out as my friends but I also know that I chose to go past the "friend zone" and some people just can't come back from that. Adios.

Wreckamic - God of Flow - Mixed by Campus Kingz Dj Frosty


This is the first installment of the God of Flow mixtape series released in the Fall of 2009.
It features 29 tracks mixed by Campus Kingz dj frosty and performances from Paul Wall, Teflon, Magno aka Magnificent, A.N.T., & T.C.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wreckamic - God of Flow 2 - Mixed by Da'Hitman


This is the second installment to the God of Flow series mixed by Da'Hitman.
It features 22 flows, remixes, and original songs produced by D. Twine, 2 Much, Noki Swazay, Necksnappers, and Dewun Music.

Wreckamic - Go-Rilla Flow Produced by Dewun Music


Here's a new track for 2011!
"Monkey see. Monkey do..."


[Video] Mike U "Yeah I'm Cool" ft Wreckamic


Rising recording artist Mike U features Wreckamic in his breakout music video for 2011. This video was produced in Denton, TX on Nov 6th, 2010. Available for request at 97.9 The Beat in Dallas/Ft Worth. Call the request line! 214-787-1979