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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

[NEW] Dirk Nowitzki "Ghostface Drillah" t-shirt!



Dirk Nowitzki is "Ghostface Drilla"

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 "U.K. Klan aint nuttin to fuck wit"

Friday, May 27, 2011

[Album] Dewun Music - Trakk Season


 Trakk Season promo video "I Hate Losing"

Track 01
"Info Intro"
DeWun spits 8 bars over a hot track to let his fan base know where to find him online.

Track 02
"Intro/Audible Exercise"
DeWun's slow flow wets the listener's ear drums for the preceding bangers. "This is Trakk Season track 01 for a reason. Trakk Blazers drop the beat. DeWun went to eatin"

Track 03
"I HATE Losing"
The guitar sampling by the Trakk Blazers at the intro of this track is ridiculous! This is the hottest solo track on the album. DeWun's flow and cadence is on point. The line "Im bout to blow soon better rush for the exit" shows that he's not playing when he says "you will never see me losing".

Track 04
 "The Truth"
DeWun gets his Young Jeezy on for this one! The heavy hitting drums set the tempo for DeWun to ride the flow complete with "yeahhhh" adlibs. This song is 100% REAL TALK

Track 05
"L.I.E." ft X1
Two big dogs on 1 track! The hard snare immediately grabs the listeners attention while DeWun displays his humor for the first time on Trakk Season. X1 brings a unique delivery and "a bad habit of acronym-img when" he's spittin'. X1 is hilarious at the end of the track!

Track 06
"Bully" ft X1 & Godda
DeWun and The Trakk Blazers bring the boom bap on this one! X1 sets the tone for lyrical fans with the line "I spit Manny Pacquiaos". That one made me LOL and I had to rewind it. DeWun delivers a strong descriptive verse that may leave bullied listeners with flashbacks of wedgies and stolen lunch money. Godda managed a way to rhyme "recylables" on verse 3 a long with 22 other almost identical rhymes. This is definitely for the spitters!

Track 07
"All-Stars" ft O.B. & Wordsmith
This is an industry single. I found myself humming this hook while running errands the other day and couldn't place how I got the tune stuck in my head. I kept thinking it was a Ne-Yo song until I came back to #TrakkSeason again. This one gets heavy rotation! Did I mention that the rapping was nowhere close to what people expect from the industry? Great combo.

Track 08
"Winning" ft A.N.T
Charlie Sheen is one odd character and the interview snippets set the tone for this one. The percussion sounds almost like its live. "Winning" showcases two artists very familiar with one another. DeWun & A.N.T. have worked with each other plenty times before and still possess the same chemistry that can always be expected from them. "Just a boy meeting the world with no advice from Mr. Feeny" #Winning

Track 09
"Less Like You"
The metaphors in this one are ridiculous! The sports references are also fresh and clever. The Trakk Blazers might have outdone themselves on this track. SICK!

Track 10
"Problem" ft Wreck-A-Mic
Heavy spitters on deck! I had to bring my most lyrical on this one. The beat was so sick that I wrote two separate verses and let DeWun choose! I secretly wish this song were MINE. Shhh...don't tell

Track 11
"I Know" ft Lady Jay
This one shows DeWun at his cockiest. Lady Jay delivered a smooth performance. Favorite line: "Now they actin brand new...bitches" I can imagine the "SMH" that followed that one. Ha!

Track 12
"Wun Of A Kind" ft Ben Cina
This one didn't move me that much. I think Ben Cina sounds like an accomplished pop artist but his plain vocal delivery doesn't do the hook justice. This collaboration seems a little contrived. DeWun does his thing lyrically as usual. I'm sure the ladies will LOVE this one! Not my favorite track on the album.

Track 13
"Far Away/Operate" ft Cadice Eden
Back to back poppy love songs got me taking a sandwich break. DeWun doesn't appear on "Far Away" til 1:08 after a long buildup on the intro and then Ms Eden's delivery of the song's hook. "And if the shoe aint fit then what Im sposed to do wit it? Oh. Lace it up before yous start to trip". DeWun depicts an up and down slash hot/cold relationship. "Operate" is half remix, half skit with DeWun delivering 8 bars in a slowed down "screw" voice. I wanted to hear a whole song with that style because "Far Away" left me wanting.

Track 14
"Remember" ft Mahogani
Okay, I'm about ready to fall asleep. Something tells me I shouldn't be listening to this song alone. The flow of the cd up to this point has been spot on however it has begun to wind down and get a LOT slower. Don't get me wrong! I REALLY like this song. It has a dope Neo Soul vibe to it. Mahogani delivers a sultry performance that I can appreciate and DeWun puts on his whisper voice to work. I'm wondering how the album is going to end. I don't want to be let down by a fizzle.

Track 15
"Close Your Eyes"
ADRENALINE SHOT!!! The Trakk Blazers channel the Heatmakerz for this one (famed Dip-Set producers) Straight dope! DeWun delivers with perfect cadence and seems to be in comfort zone at this tempo. "I just wanna see my name in a Vibe or The Source, make a couple dollars while I'm on a world tour, kick it with my fans signing cds in a store. God all I ask is that you open up the door!" As a a fellow artist and colleague of DeWun's, I felt that.

Track 16
"Trakk Season Outro"
DeWun reminds you how to contact The Trakk Blazers and himself.

"Lebron could be the best ever" - Scottie Pippen


I don't have a problem with what he's suggesting. If anyone knows the greatness of Michael Jordan, it's Scottie Pippen. They were team mates for years and won 6 championships together. Scottie knows greatness in his own right as well. He was arguably THE best player in the NBA for one year. Michael Jordan retired before the 1993–94 season, and in his absence Pippen emerged from Jordan's shadow. That year, he earned All-Star Game MVP honors and led the Bulls in scoring, assists, blocks and the entire league in steals, averaging 22.0 points, 8.7 rebounds, 5.6 assists, 2.9 steals, 1.9 three-pointers, and 0.8 blocks per game, while shooting 49.1% from the field and a career-best 32% from the three-point line. For his efforts, he earned the first of three straight All-NBA First Team nods, and he finished third in the MVP voting. The Bulls finished the season with 55 wins, only two fewer than the year before.

Scottie Pippen is as credible as they come when it comes to discussions of greatness. For a Hall of Famer of his pedigree to say that Lebron James could be the best to ever play the game of basketball is very high praise.
I don't think anyone would debate that Michael Jordan isn't the greatest scorer of all time. The only person to score more points in a season is Wilt Chamberlain and he only scored one way; right near the basket. MJ was so much more than a scorer but IF there were ANY weaknesses in his game, it would be his 3 point range and ball handling ability. He was good at every thing but he was not GREAT at those two specific parts of the game. His large hands, long stride and quick first step made up for the fact that he didn't have the handles of a point guard with a respectable 1.96:1 assist to turnover ratio for his career. The consistency of his 17 foot jumper and ability to pick his spots and get to where he wanted on the court made up for the fact that he wasn't a great 3 point shooter. You still couldn't leave him open because he'd make you pay at .327% for his career. Over Jordan's first 8 years in the league, his main stats were 31.3ppg, 6.0rpg, 5.65apg, 2.66spg, and 1.28bpg.

Lebron James' career numbers are 27.7ppg, 7.1rpg, 7.0apg, 1.7spg, and 0.8bpg and they compare to Jordan's almost identically. Jordan was obviously the more accomplished scorer with higher fg%, ft %, and points per game but everything else is practically identical; except that Jordan had an extra steal per game and James one and a half more assists per game. What James does have that Jordan didn't is bulk! At 6,8" 250lbs, James can absorb contact better and still maintain all the freakish athletic ability that makes him impossible to stop from driving the basket. He possesses the ball handling ability of a speedy point guard and often sprints full speed to the basket with ability to cross over at any moment and dunk on any would-be defender.

Over the past two years, James has significantly improved his fg%. This comes from having more scoring support and having better team mates so that he does not have to take as many bad shots. He has cut the amount of three point shots he attempts from 5.1 last year to 3.5 this year which shows he is a much more disciplined shooter and isn't always forced to shoot the final shot with Dwyane Wade being such a viable option. Lebron James is 26 and just now reaching his PRIME. Barring injury, he will continue to improve subtle aspects of his game and become more efficient and his high basketball IQ will allow him to be valuable as a crafty veteran. I still believe that Michael Jordan is the all-time greatest basketball player but with the Lakers dynasty over and the Spurs and Mavs ever aging, there is no reason why James can't finish his career with more points scored and just as many titles as MJ.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

[AP] Rapture preacher has NEW prediction...smh


OAKLAND, Calif. – A California preacher who foretold of the world's end only to see the appointed day pass with no extraordinarily cataclysmic event has revised his apocalyptic prophecy, saying he was off by five months and the Earth actually will be obliterated on Oct. 21.

Harold Camping, who predicted that 200 million Christians would be taken to heaven Saturday before catastrophe struck the planet, apologized Monday evening for not having the dates "worked out as accurately as I could have."

He spoke to the media at the Oakland headquarters of his Family Radio International, which spent millions of dollars_ some of it from donations made by followers — on more than 5,000 billboards and 20 RVs plastered with the Judgment Day message.

It was not the first time Camping was forced to explain when his prediction didn't come to pass. The 89-year-old retired civil engineer also prophesied the Apocalypse would come in 1994, but said later that didn't happen then because of a mathematical error.

Through chatting with a friend over what he acknowledged was a very difficult weekend, it dawned on him that instead of the biblical Rapture in which the faithful would be swept up to the heavens, May 21 had instead been a "spiritual" Judgment Day, which places the entire world under Christ's judgment, he said.
The globe will be completely destroyed in five months, he said, when the apocalypse comes. But because God's judgment and salvation were completed on Saturday, there's no point in continuing to warn people about it, so his network will now just play Christian music and programs until the final end on Oct. 21.
"We've always said May 21 was the day, but we didn't understand altogether the spiritual meaning," he said. "The fact is there is only one kind of people who will ascend into heaven ... if God has saved them they're going to be caught up."

Josh Ocasion, who works the teleprompter during Camping's live broadcasts in the group's threadbare studio sandwiched between an auto shop and a palm reader's business, said he enjoyed the production work but never fully believed the May 21 prophecy would come true.

"I thought he would show some more human decency in admitting he made a mistake," he said Monday. "We didn't really see that."

Follower Jeff Hopkins said he spent a good deal of his own retirement savings on gas money to power his car so people would see its ominous lighted sign showcasing Camping's May 21 warning. As the appointed day drew nearer, Hopkins started making the 100-mile round trip from Long Island to New York City twice a day, spending at least $15 on gas each trip.

"I've been mocked and scoffed and cursed at and I've been through a lot with this lighted sign on top of my car," said Hopkins, 52, a former television producer who lives in Great River, NY. "I was doing what I've been instructed to do through the Bible, but now I've been stymied. It's like getting slapped in the face."
Camping's hands shook slightly as he pinned his microphone to his lapel, and as he clutched a worn Bible he spoke in a quivery monotone about some listeners' earthly concerns after giving away possessions in expectation of the Rapture.

Family Radio would never tell anyone what they should do with their belongings, and those who had fewer would cope, Camping said.

"We're not in the business of financial advice," he said. "We're in the business of telling people there's someone who you can maybe talk to, maybe pray to, and that's God."

But he also said that he wouldn't give away all his possessions ahead of Oct 21.
"I still have to live in a house, I still have to drive a car," he said. "What would be the value of that? If it is Judgment Day why would I give it away?"

Apocalyptic thinking has always been part of American religious life and popular culture. Teachings about the end of the world vary dramatically — even within faith traditions — about how they will occur.
Still, the overwhelming majority of Christians reject the idea that the exact date or time of Jesus' return can be predicted.

Tim LaHaye, co-author of the best-selling "Left Behind" novels about the end times, recently called Camping's prediction "not only bizarre but 100 percent wrong!" He cited the Bible verse Matthew 24:36, "but about that day or hour no one knows" except God.

Camping offered no clues about Family Radio's finances Monday, saying he could not estimate how much had been spent advertising his prediction nor how much money the nonprofit had taken in as a result. In 2009, the nonprofit reported in IRS filings that it received $18.3 million in donations, and had assets of more than $104 million, including $34 million in stocks or other publicly traded securities.
Associated Press writer Tom Breen in Raleigh, N.C., and Videographer Ted Shaffrey and AP Religion Writer Rachel Zoll in New York, contributed to this report.
Garance Burke can be followed on Twitter at http://twitter.com/garanceburke.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

[Video] J-Whoa - Shirt Off Shawty


Hailing from Denton, TX, artist J-Whoa has been recording music for about 5 years. For the most part, "Whoa" has always rapped as part of a group or duo and has built a strong fan base spanning the region. Formerly a Southeast D-Boy and Hood King. J-Whoa is now a member of the Dream Team super group consisting of Yung Smitty and Buk Baby. "Shirt Off Shawty" is J-Whoa's first solo single for mass release and first major video. All scenes were filmed on location in Denton's historically black Southeast side of town. Cameos from hood figures, O.G.'s, and other successful hip hop artists from the area, including myself, do not outshine J-Whoa's undeniable charisma in front of the camera. Witness a burgeoning star in the making....SHIRT OFF SHAWTY!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Mos Def lands role on "DEXTER"


Rapper Joins Showtime's Hit Show
1:00PM ET May 11th, 2011
Contributor : Martin James
A Rocky Williform Company
Mos Def Lands Role On ''Dexter''

Rapper/actor Mos Def has landed a role on the next season of Showtime's hit drama "Dexter." The show centers on a Miami police forensics expert who is serial killer by night.

Mos Def will be playing an ex-con who has found god, though his life is constantly surrounded by violence.

Production on the sixth season of the Emmy Award winning series "Dexter" will begin in Los Angeles in June. Mos has previously appeared on several television programs, including "House M.D.," "The Cosby Mysteries," "NYPD Blue."

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Monday, May 2, 2011

[flow] Word Wizardry on Eminem's "Lose Yourself"


I spit HOT FIYAH! :Dylan tone:

I cried laughing! My ribs hurt...lol


The slow motion got me...I don't know why this is so funny to me

420 Boyz - Thuggin ft Wreckamic


This is a feature I did for an up and coming group called the 420 Boyz. Can yall hear the Boosie sample?