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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Juelz Santana arrested in studio raid! Studio footage


Rapper Taken Into Custody Following January Raid
6:00AM ET February 3rd, 2011
Contributor : Hip Hop Blog Staff
A Rocky Williform Company

Juelz Santana Arrested
Rapper Juelz Santana was arrested on Wednesday (February 2) following a police raid on his New Jersey studio in January in which marijuana and weapons were discovered. He was taken into custody on four counts of narcotic and weapons charges.
The investigation had been ongoing for 10 months, and according to Bergen County police , two fully loaded handguns, ammunition, and 17 Ziploc bags of 'a greenish brown vegetation consistent with the appearance of marijuana' were discovered and confiscated. Santana has been charged with possession of a handgun without having a permit, possession with intent to distribute a controlled dangerous substance within 1,000 feet of a school zone, and two other similar counts. Juelz bail is set at $125,000.
"It's been some legal issue, I know it's been all over the Internet. Police ran up in my studio. I had to deal with that and a couple of things," Santana said almost two weeks ago on Chicago radio following the raid. "They always picking on me. That's the best way I can put it. But by the graces of God, everything should be OK. I wasn't caught with anything in my possession."

Juelz Santana - Carbon Fiber .45 studio session and performance video (in studio)


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