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Monday, February 21, 2011

[UPDATE] Former Strikeforce champ King Mo Lawal


King Mo discusses EVERYTHING and keeps it 100% real.
Big shoutout from the homie at four and a half minutes.

Follow him @KingMoFH
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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Big Chief signs with Cash Money Records


Big Chief Signs to Cash Money Records
Dallas, TX rapper Big Chief will join Birdman and Lil Wayne as the latest signee to Cash Money Records.

From Cory Gunz to DJ Khaled, Cash Money Records have been on a warpath when it comes to acquiring artists. Now, Dallas, TX emcee Big Chief will the join the ranks of Birdman and Lil Wayne as one of the legendary label's newly recruited acts.

Big Chief recently explained to AllHipHop.com the origins of his recent signing. He said that Dallas's K104 Radio DJ Hollywood Bay Bay introduced Cash Money head honcho Birdman to Chief's recent hit single "Triple D Anthem" during a radio interview. Baby was apparently so impressed with the Dorrough and Bay Bay-assisted song that he tracked down Chief and signed him.

"I mean actually, [Birdman] was doing an interview at K104 with Bay Bay and he asked who was the hottest kid out here, he said he wanted to change someone's life," said Chief. "He said play some Big Chief, Bay Bay played my new joint ["Triple D Anthem"], and when he did that he stopped the music and said tell lil’ homie to get at me."

Big Chief, who is currently preparing his upcoming mixtape Eat Greedy Vol. 12 for a March release, said that he's ecstatic to join the illustrious label. He says that he hopes to put Dallas on the map as a new entity for Hip Hop music.

“The main objective is to put on for my whole city," he explained. "Not taking away from those that came before me, but this is a whole new level."

To hear "Triple D Athem", visit my archives :

Dallas Commissioner John Wiley Price Doesn't Owe Any Apology


The above link will take you to a video courtesy of CBS 11 News. Doug Dunbar and Karen Borta are reporting on a story that took place in the Dallas County Commissioner's Court yesterday. They take the viewers to Andrea Lucia who is standing out in front of the Nasher Center where she attempted to speak to Commissioner John Wiley Price about the outburst after County Speaker Jeff Turner offended the Commisioner. She chose her words carefully and you can tell by her mannerisms and facial expression that she did not have a fun time in talking with the Commish after he said to her, "The word moolah is racist. What part of that do you not understand?" She argued that Speaker Turner did not mean it how it was taken. Commisioner Price retorted, "Oh so I suppose if he said "nigger" but didn't mean it "that way", then it'd be ok." The incident in question happened after County Speaker Jeff Turner referred to the Commissioner as "The Chief Moolah of Dallas" numerous times. The Commissioner eventually snapped back saying "If you want to refer to me, call me by my name." My sources with the city tell me that when the County Speaker attempted to defend his name calling, Commisioner Price told him angrily that "moolah" was a racist term. Upon hearing the word "racist" used in court, the all white crowd gasped. Many were confused as to why Commisioner Price had become so upset all of a sudden. He addressed the courtroom by saying "You all are white." as if to confirm that they were not aware of the magnitude of what was just said. Commisioner Price looked back at Speaker Turner and told him "You go to hell." Speaker Turner later attempted to defend his use of the word by insisting that he intended to compare Commisioner Price to a "mullah" or "educated muslim warlord" by his understanding of the word. A Mullah is actually a Muslim scholar, teacher, or religious leader: also used as a title of respect. Speaker Turner was using the word in a condescending manner which would be disrespectful to Muslim. Commissioner Price released a statement citing that "Moolah has its roots in a slang used against Italian immigrants and later used by the same (group) to defame and discredit African-Americans". Obviously, Commissioner Price is referring to the slang word "moulie", a bastardized version of "moulignon", which is an offensive word for a black person, used by Italians in US. It is a corruption of melanzane, the Italian word for eggplant." http://encyclopedia.thefreedictionary.com/Moolie

[funny] The Real Housewives of the Civil Rights Movement


This is THE FUNNIEST video I've seen in a loooooong time! Just watch


Was Dorrough a victim of profiling by "rap police"?


DEA agents raided the home of rapper Dorrough a week ago on suspicion of drug dealing. The rapper was subsequently arrested February 8th in Dallas, Texas. Reports indicate, however, that no drugs or weapons were found on the rapper or in his home.

"Dorrough has obtained powerful counsel and one of his attorneys is a Senator," an unnamed source told AllHipHop. "Dorrough will make a formal statement with plans to clear his name later this week."

A spokesperson on behalf of Dorrough music states, “All they found were gold & platinum plaques (‘Ice Cream Paint Job’ sales) on the walls. Dorrough is anxious to get back in the studio to work and make more hits.”

Dorrough has an up-and-coming hip hop career, with hit singles "Walk That Walk", "Ice Cream Paint Job" and "Get Big." all charting in the US.  He's also been featured in several hip hop publications, most notably XXL.

Julia Beverly of Ozone Magazine said, "While it wouldn’t be unheard of for a rapper to be funding their music career with drug proceeds, Dorrough’s business savvy has always impressed me and he comes across like a professional, not a dope boy. Since the raid turned up no evidence, it seems like the Hip Hop police might be reaching with this one."

I agree with JB. Dorrough isn't that dude. I can't claim to know him well but in my encounters with him from various shows and parties that we've done at the same venues, he doesn't strike me as the "dope boy" type. He's got his head on straight and too much to lose to go the Lil Boosie route. He's also smart at marketing himself and never missing an opportunity to promote a big project. He used a "leaked" sex tape to promote his single "Get Big" and this DEA raid is a perfect opportunity to promote his new "Code Red" Gangsta Grillz Mixtape with Dj Drama. How appropriate.

 Available at www.dorroughmusic.com

The D.O.C. blasts N.W.A.!


''They Didn't Want Me There...''
1:00PM ET February 10th, 2011
Contributor : Stephen Willis
A Rocky Williform Company
The D.O.C. Blasts N.W.A.

Former Ruthless and Death Row Records rapper/ghostwriter The D.O.C. has announced that he will be releasing a tell-all documentary about his tenure at both labels. D.O.C. became one of the most respected names in West Coast hip hop (though he is actually from Dallas, TX) through his connections with N.W.A. and his critically-acclaimed Dr. Dre-produced solo debut No One Can Do It Better. But somewhere along the line, things went sour for D.O.C. and he and Dre parted ways. Now, the rapper is telling his version of what really happened.

"Whenever these guys did interviews, whenever they took pictures, whenever they did videos, they went out of they way not to let me in ‘em," D.O.C. told HipHopDX. "If you go back you’ll never see me in none of ‘em. They wouldn’t let me in ‘em. They didn’t want me there, I think because they didn’t want muthafuckas to know that they wasn’t writing they own shitt. If you go back to they old interviews, [when] the interviewers would ask them muthafuckas questions they would look fuckin’ dumbfounded. Because, the questions that they were asking the muthafuckas was about lyrics that I wrote for ‘em. Only Cube really understood I think what the aim was. Dre did sonically. But Cube understood what we was trying to aim for. That’s why his subsequent albums were in that same vein."

D.O.C. also ghostwrote much of Dr. Dre's material for his 1992 classic The Chronic.
"For me, it’s not really about the negative aspects of the story," D.O.C. said. "What happened to me, you know, boo hoo, that was for Doc [to go through]. I just think the story is really neat. I think it makes a really cool story. [But] if you’re gonna tell it, tell that bitch right."

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Russia's Irina Shayk gets Sports Illustrated cover in 1st interactive issue


2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover model Irina Shayk  
Reuters – 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover model Irina Shayk. REUTERS/PRNewsFoto/Sports Illustrated/Bjorn …

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Russian beauty Irina Shayk strips down to a pink and yellow bikini for the cover of Sports Illustrated's annual swimsuit edition, which has heightened the profiles of models from Brooklyn Decker to Christie Brinkley.

Shayk is the first Russian model to grace the cover of the widely-anticipated swimsuit issue that is available not just at newsstands on Tuesday, but also on iPads, mobile phones and even television with new apps for the digital reader.

"It's a part of the modern world to use these technologies, and I think our readers, and viewers, can have the issue come alive in so many new ways, now," said Diane Smith, senior editor of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

The edition hits newsstands annually in the dead of North America's winter, offering a glimpse of hope to readers that warmer weather -- and sunny days at the beach that go with it -- is only weeks away. It is one of the most widely-read magazine editions of the year.

This year, Sports Illustrated took Shayk and numerous other swimsuit models including Decker, Cintia Dicker, Julie Henderson, Genevieve Morton and Jessica White to exotic beaches around the world for their photo shoots. Shayk is sitting on the sandy beaches of Maui in Hawaii for her pictures.
Smith said Shayk was chosen for the cover for several reasons, not the least of which is her beauty, but also because the sun, sand and shimmering water were captured by photography Bjorn Iooss in that one "magic moment" photographers covet.

Smith added that this year, the models went to more exotic and far off locales than ever.
Along with the new locations come apps that allow viewers, to see the models in different ways. Apps include "Models Make You LOL" in which some of the women test their comedy skills, "School Daze" that includes old school yearbook and childhood photos of the models, and "New Dimension" billed as a 3D video shoot.
(Editing by Jill Serjeant)

Monday, February 14, 2011

[Album] Dewun Music - WunLuv


Fresh off of his performance on BET's 106 & Park, Dallas, TX native Dewun released his "wunluv" album today on Valentine's Day. Far from your average artist, Dewun Music cannot be compared to any other music. He's a writer, a performer, a producer, a videographer, as well as a sound engineer. This dynamic artist combines elements of hip hop, pop, soul, reggae, and even a little bit of rock n roll. See for yourself. "wunluv" is available on his official website  http://www.dewunnation.com/

[Featured Model] Holly "Hidef" Daniels


  Holly is what you would call a hustler by any means. She jumped into the modeling industry with 10 toes and hasn't glanced back since. Four years later, Holly is an official Core Model and has effectively branded herself as "Hi-Def". Her style is HD flat. Her curves go BOOM BOOM BAP! This visual appeal equally matched with wit and charm have allowed her to score co-hosting gigs for Spate Radio as well as Power House TV. On the fashion end of the spectrum, Holly is the official spokesmodel for Ediboo Clothing & Tuff Timez University as well as GI of the legendary R&B group H-Town. She knows how to sell a product too from her time spent working as a spokesmodel for Rent-A-Tire and HiDef Auto Detail. Currently, Holly holds the title of Director of the Ryde or Die Chix Model Team and has appeared on numerous party flyers and mixtape covers by various djs and artists. With the attitude of a winner, she claims she's "too blessed to fail." She is blessed and won't accept losing an option. Stay on the lookout for HiDef!


Contact for booking:

My Interracial Valentine and Famous Interracial Couples


It seems like the United States is finally becoming the melting pot that it brags to its foreign friends about being. I see more and more beige babies these days and I love it. Go Team Interracial! I've dated black women for as long as I've been dating. For some reason, I've always had trouble relating to white women, even though I'm Caucasian myself. For instance, if a white woman is flirting with me, I can't really tell unless she's obviously throwing the panties at me, then I run away scared. Its like they speak a different language of love that Im ignorant to. Its crazy! I've always been attracted to all kinds of women but I'm usually more comfortable and confident carrying on conversations with Black women since it is more likely that we have more things in common given my background and influences. I've been seeing my current girlfriend now for three and a half years; a year and three months officially with a month break thrown in the midst there somewhere but we won't get into that right now! We get along great. The fights are great. The makeup sex is great. Her cooking is great! We have a unique relationship. You don't see as many white men with black women as you do see black men with white women. It seems like that's changing though.

Here are a few famous interracial couples that mirror my own:
Mathew McConoughey and Sallie Richardson
 Clint Eastwood with wife Dina Ruiz
 David Bowie and Iman
 Bob Deniro and wife Grace Hightower
Ben Foster and Zoe Kravitz

Have a happy interracial Valentine's Day!!!

Wreck-A-Mic & Queen

[Video] Snoop Dogg versus Deion Sanders in Snooper Bowl IX


There was a select high school football game played in Lancaster, TX with some very big stars in attendance.
The big homie "Snoop Dogg's All-Stars" played Deion Sanders' "The Truth" and @HipHopNonStopTV was there to document this epic battle fought on the gridiron.

Be sure to visit http://www.hiphopnonstop.tv for more exclusive footage, red carpet hosting, and behind the scene looks as the celebrities host their own show!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Steve Nash All-Star Snub Is A Sign Of The Times


Steve Nash is officially a dinosaur. Oh, he's not lossed anything from his game but given the way he was snubbed when the All-Star rosters were selected, you wouldn't be able to tell. This season, Nash is running the show for Phoenix in his 15th season and is their only star player. Besides an ever aging Vince Carter, the Suns don't have much of a go to presence. Grant Hill is a veteran leader averaging about 14 ppg but he's older than Nash AND Carter combined!!! I have to say, Nash is doing more with less than he's ever had. As I'm typing this, Phoenix is one game over .500% and are only 2 games out of the playoff picture with 31 game still left to play in a very tight Western Conference where one win or loss can make or break your playoff hopes. Steve Nash is one of the greatest point guards ever hands down. He's a first ballot Hall of Famer with 2 MVP's and is close to 50 fg%, 40 3pt %, and 90 ft % for his career. He's actually having a better year, statistically speaking, than he did in 2004-2005 when he won his first MVP award.
So why is he NOT an All-Star? Things that make you go "Hmmm.." I understand that the midseason showcase is basically a popularity cast where starters are chosen by the fans but the coaches select the reserves. I realize that the numbers of Russell Westbrook and Deron Williams are too awesome to pass them up but...Chris Paul? Really? He deserves more respect. Nash scores more points per game this season, dishes more assists, and scores at a considerably higher efficiency rate with less time spent on the court! Chris Paul edges Nash slightly on 3 point field goal percentage, minutes per game, and steals per game. This tells me that the NBA has decided to move in another direction in the way that it markets its stars. Steve Nash isn't a has been but dont tell them that. It almost seems as if Nash is punished for who is or who isn't on his team. He wasn't responsible for Shawn Marion and/or Amare Stoudamire racking up points for the Suns while still in their early prime anymore than he's responsible for them both being gone now.  

Check out the statistical breakdown. I compared Nash's first MVP season to this year's numbers and the numbers don't lie! 

75 games 34.3 mpg .502 fg% .431 3p% .887 ft% 3.3 rpg 11.5 apg  1 spg 15.5 ppg
49 games 33.1 mpg .525 fg% .413 3p% .916 ft% 3.6 rpg 11.1 apg .7 spg 16.7 ppg

Whether Nash ever makes the All-Star game or not wont affect his legacy but he deserves more respect from the coaches of the NBA and should've gotten the nod. Im sure his aging bones won't mind the rest but Steve Nash's greatness should never be forgotten or overlooked.

NBA Source: Jordan may unretire AGAIN


NBA hearts skipped a beat yesterday at word that Michael Jordan has been suiting up and practicing with the Bobcats. After running with him, Gerald Wallace reports the man is still "Mike." (Even though that's just repeating the man's name, it's that name.) And don't forget what Jordan said upon entering the Hall of Fame:
One day you might look up and see me playing the game at 50. Don't laugh. Never say never, because limits, like fears, are often just an illusion.
He's turning 48 next week. Paul Silas says Jordan could average 20 right now. Is he ... could he ... is this ridiculous to think about? He can't play in the NBA until he sells the Bobcats, but is it worth entertaining that he could? A while ago, I looked into the possibility of another Jordan return:


Give him some time to get in shape and Michael Jordan could average 20 points a game in today's NBA, Charlotte Bobcats coach Paul Silas said.

A day after watching Jordan -- a Hall of Famer and Bobcats owner who turns 48 next week -- play in a full-court scrimmage with his team, Silas said his boss has still got it.
"If he got in shape he could probably average about 15 to 20 points a game, no question, because he still has the shot," Silas said Friday on "The Waddle & Silvy Show" on ESPN 1000. "If he got in shape, he would probably average 20 because he can get the shot off, he can make them, and he has just an uncanny knowledge of the game.

"He really understands how to play and that's why he is important to my guys and what they should be doing out there and what they should be looking for. It's just phenomenal what he can still do at that age."
Jordan, the former Chicago Bull who averaged 30.1 points a game in 15 NBA seasons, averaged 20 points in his final season with the Washington Wizards in 2003 as a 39-year-old.

He has been spending more time at practice and shootarounds recently, even doing some teaching on the floor for the Bobcats. At the end of Thursday's workout, Jordan was slumped in a chair with ice bags strapped to both knees.

"He comes and works out with the guys, we make him shoot before practice, and he's in the shooting lines," Silas said. "He's doing the drills with them and getting up and down the court. It's exciting to watch him. He still has it. He can shoot that thing still. He's not as athletic as he once was but who is? He talks to them and he's been a huge help because the guys respect him and they respond to what he is saying."

At least one former Michael Jordan teammate has told ESPN's Marc Stein that he's convinced that Jordan wants to make an NBA comeback at 50 years old.

If that's true, His Airness has two years to find a buyer for the Charlotte Bobcats so he's eligible to play again.

Jordan practiced Thursday with the Bobcats -- one week before his 48th birthday -- and looked quite good according to co-captain Stephen Jackson.

"We should sign him," Jackson told ESPN's Marc Stein, adding that Jordan dunked "without any effort" and citing a sweet lefty finish on a post-up move as MJ's most memorable contribution to the workout.

Don't forget, though, that league rules preclude NBA owners from playing for their own teams without selling off their shares. Don't forget, furthermore, that Jordan (with the Wizards in 2001) and Magic Johnson (with the Lakers in 1996 and with yours truly as a first-year Lakers beat writer) were mere minority owners when they made their comebacks from the executive suite, making it a lot easier to find someone to buy them out.

You figure it would take Jordan at least two years to find someone willing to assume majority control of the Bobcats, given how long it took His Airness to assemble a deal to take over from founding owner Bob Johnson.

Word & Stats by ESPN Chicago, Henry Abbott, and Marc Stein.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Smitty aka Lil Ben - Thoroughbred ft Bay Bay, Dorrough, J-Whoa & Buk Baby


Smitty aka Lil Ben and his group Dream Team debut their new single "Thoroughbred" featuring Hollywood Bay Bay and Dorrough Music

[Featured Artist] Wilameana Jones aka Empress Raw







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*tune into thestreetsfm.com to hear THE WILAMEANA JONES EXPERIENCE ((2-4PM)) EACH AND EVERY SAT!!!*
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[Video] Prince kicks Kim Kardashian off stage!!


Prince Speaks for Kardashian-Weary Nation: 'Get Off the Stage!'

Posted Tue Feb 8, 2011 8:18am PST by Caryn Ganz in Amplifier 

Last night at Madison Square Garden, Prince did what so many of us want to do, but simply cannot do: make Kim Kardashian go away. At the end of each of the singer's Welcome 2 America concerts in New York, he's invited VIPs onstage to dance -- and in Cyndi Lauper's case, belt a few notes. Yesterday one of his stellar backup singers took Kim by the hand and led her onstage, saying, "Look who I got." Prince busted a move; Kim stood and laughed. So he dismissed her with a neck-snapping, "Get off the stage!" as the crowd roared. "Welcome 2 America," he added, scanning the audience for another girl who "can get busy."
Stars who have successfully boogied with Prince at MSG include Sherri Sheppard, Naomi Campbell, Alicia Keys, Whoopi Goldberg, Jamie Foxx, Tavis Smiley, Cornel West, and Spike Lee. Yes, Sherri Sheppard, the same woman who horrified Prince on national TV by proclaiming on "The View," "I have wanted to make love to you for my whole life." He's even serenaded Leighton Meester with "I Love You But I Don't Trust You Anymore."
Kim's defense, mounted on Twitter (of course): "I was so nervous I froze when Prince touched me!" She added that the Purple One gave her another chance, and she did, indeed, get funky. "This time I redeemed myself! We all danced while Prince played the piano! Wow! What a night!"
In truth, she should feel honored -- because of Prince's staunch anti-Internet stance, no fresh footage of him has managed to hit the web in years. In 2007, the singer even got into a fight with his fans when he pulled down images of everything from Prince-inspired tattoos to photos of his album covers -- and when his devotees got angry, he wrote a funky diss track called "PFUnk" that includes the line, "I love all y'all, don't you ever mess with me no more." Thanks to the Kardashian smackdown, we got another glimpse of our favorite funkateer in action!

Monday, February 7, 2011

[Artwork] Adam "Slim Baby" Hernandez


Adam "Slim Baby" Hernandez is an performing artist, radio host, producer, as well as a graphic designer. I have featured and even showcased some of this his work before but I decided to shine a spotlight on the great graphic work that he has been doing recently. In honor of Black History Month, "Slim Baby" has designed various tribute pics for the likes of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Harriet Tubman, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan, Jackie Robinson, Michael Jackson, Aaliyah, as well as others.

Adam "Slim Baby" Hernandez is host of Phenomenal Radio http://phenomenalradio.radiostream123.com/
You can contact him on twitter @TheRealSlimBaby 
on facebook http://www.facebook.com/slimbaby806
To view more of his work, visit www.slimbaby.net



 Teleoso is a Dallas femcee and a highly underrated artist. Check her out. She's not your average chick!

[Featured Model] Sasha Fii3hce


From runways to some of your favorite artist music videos, Sasha Fii3hce has been creating a persona. Originally from the Bronx, now residing in New Jersey, at only 21 years of age, Sasha has accomplished many obstacles and goals. In the year of 2004 through out 2008, Sasha graced runways across New Jersey & New York, including winning an award at Lincoln's "Rip the Runway" competition. As the years gradually passed, Sasha has gotten into New York Fashion Week Shows, print work, music videos, blogs and hosting events such as parties and fashion shows.

The crazed Leo has never been handed things easy, from being overweight, teased and doubted growing up, Sasha always pushed for greatness to make anything she wanted...hers. True story of a grinder, go-getter and a dream stalker. She's here to share her success with those who doubt. She's living out her dreams....are you?

Music Videos: (all viewable on youtube.com)
"Gimmie $20" by Ron Brows
"Bucket Naked" by Papoose
"Beamer, Benz, or Bentley" Remix by Lloyd Banks & Jadakiss
"Back it up" by Rayvon
"Shake the Cake" by Kertasy 
"Body Talk" by Pure

NEW:  Who's the girl in the shades?!
"Black & Ghetto" by Serius Jones

To stay updated with Sasha"Fii3hce"
make sure you follow her
You can check out her blogspot
- www.ISashaFii3hce.BlogSpot.Com
To See ALL her featured Music Videos visit
To See more Photo Work from SashaFii3hce visit

Friday, February 4, 2011

[Free Download] Chalie Boy - Baby Makin Music: The R&B Files



Disc 1
1. OMG
2. Baby Makin’ Music (Produced by D-Nyce)
3. Birthday Sex
4. What It Takes
5. Call Me (Featuring Chamillionaire) (Produced by DJ Rapid Ric)
6. Computer Love
7. Crush
8. Deja Blu (Produced by D-Nyce)
9. Ghetto Fabulous
10. Lights Down (w/ Kirko Bangz)
11. 1st Time (You Put It In Your Deck)
12. Body’s Callin’
13. Ladies Lullaby (w/ Fat Pimp)
14. U Got Me
15. Between The Sheets
16. Just Me & You
17. Swang Chrome
18. Soakin’ Wet
19. Make U Cum
20. A King (Featuring Sir Coop & Tite)
21. At Your Best
22. Chemistry
23. Mouthdroppa/Excuse Me Miss
24. Thug In Peace

Disc 2
1. If Shorty Say
2. Body Rock
3. Thickness (Produced by D-Nyce)
4. Relax
5. What Yo Name Is (D3 Remix) (w/ Kirko Bangz)
6. I’m A Thug (Featuring Mr. Blakes & Black Mike)
7. Red Rover (Produced by D-Nyce)
8. Feels Good
9. Muhammad 2G
10. The Way (Produced by CityStar Productions)
11. Foreplay
12. Late Night Creep
13. 4 A.M. (Produced by Da New Kid)
14. That’s How I Go
15. When I Come Thru
16. Change (Produced by EP Productions)
17. Have U Eva
18. Tell Me
19. Won’t Hurt (Featuring Bubba Luv & Sir Coop)
20. Back In The Day
21. I Love It
22. By My Side
23. Take A Chance (Produced by Izzy of Groundwork Productions)
24. Wit My Bitch

Choose a hosting site below to begin downloading




This message has been brought to you by the good folks with

Dj Weedim & Keurvil.com - Futuristic Drop Week 55


Dj Weedim is one of the hottest Djs in Paris, France! "Futuristic Drop #55" is the 2nd mixtape that I've been featured on. I was also featured on "Futuristic Drop #53" a couple of weeks ago. The Futuristic Drops series features the hottest music that Dj Weedim has come across that week and is not biased to city, state, coast, or country. This is the essence of INTERNATIONAL HIP HOP! Enjoy

01. Nathy - Je Boss Dur
02. T-Pain - Hustle Hard
03. Jimmy Tymes - Chuck E Cheese feat Tity Boi & Selasi
04. Bape Jones & Ricky J - 25 Deep feat Da Kid
05. Gorilla Zoe - Stankin
06. Just Rich Gates - Pump Faking feat Zeus Da Don (prod by Lex Luger)
07. Reese - Black Amex feat Retro Sushi
08. Sinonem - Yeah
09. Yung Dolph - Flavors
10. Gucci Mane - 100 Bottles
11. Lil Mook - I Am Alabama
12. Gucci Mane - 100 Bottles Feat Bricksquad Monopoly
13. Jett - Leeggoo
14. Future & Rocko - Pajamas
15. Quise - Let Down The Top feat Rick Ross
16. Young Black G.B. (aka Black G.B.) - Gettin Loaded
17. John Boy - Let That Boy Cook feat Lil Chuckee
18. Trap Star - No Mo feat Archie Fleader
19. Mims - Rom Pom Pom Open Bars
20. Lil Shown - Go Bizurk feat Fred P
21. Cristol - Who You Finna Try feat Miss AJ
22. Nina B. - You Know Who I Am
23. Camron - And You Don't Stop
24. Fred The Godson - Head Banger feat Vado
25. Jadakiss - Chase Bank
26. Mysonne - B-Cross 2K
27. Wreck-A-Mic - Ziploc Fresh
28. Young Chris - Philly Shit (Remix)
29. Jermaine Dupri & Tity Boi - ATL Shit
30. Wiz Khalifa - Roll Up
31. The Impact Kidd & A.O. - Nikes & Bacpacks
32. Ron Browz, J. Mucielago & Rob E Rob - More Bouncing
33. Gucci Mane - 5Am
34. Ying Yang Twins - Boomerang
35. Benzino - Dhats Gucci
36. Nathy - Get That Money Feat. Jah Knight

January 19, 2011

Dj Weedim & Keurvil.com - Futuristic Drop Week 53 Hosted By Ol'Steel

01. Ol'Steel - Mc Nasa
02. A-Mafia - 2050
03. Project Pat - Use Yo Head feat Ta Ta La Licious & King Ray
04. Juicy J - Boat Load feat Machine Gun Kelly
05. Mims - Vroom Vroom
06. Gorilla Zoe - We Should Have Sex
07. Busta Rhymes - H.A.M. feat Kanye West & Jay-Z
08. Oj Da Juiceman - Pretty Boy feat Lil B (Remix)
09. Wreckamic - Go-Rilla Flo
10. F.L.Y - O.Y.L (Out Yo League)
11. Ladi Jade - Silicone feat Pkan
12. C. Jay Dinero - Bring It Back feat Yung Mook
13. J-Bar - When I'm In The Club feat Sean Kingston & Soulja Boy
14. Dj Khaled feat Lil Wayne, T-Pain, Rick Ross & Plies - Welcome To My Hood
15. Shawty Boy - Smash feat Yung
16. Kourtney Money - Wrist Game
17. Wiz Khalifa - EZ Wider With Hash
18. Blackbottom - Take A Picture feat Jody Breeze
19. ??? - Cartoon Network
20. B-Hamp - Turn It Up
21. P. Watts - Later Feat Rasheeda, Lila Monroe & Kaleena
22. Ghetto The Plug - The Plug feat Blood Raw
23. Rock Of Heltah Skelta - What You Gonna Do feat Rock, Da Real Verbie Kent, Pressha Dinero
24. Jag - It Be Going Down feat Jr Writter & Lorel
25. Lloyd Banks feat Jim Jones - Fly Like The Wind
26. Vado - Hands Down
27. Papoose - Party Bout To Pop
28. Ke$ha - Sleazy feat Andre 3000 (Remix)
29. Breezy - See About Us feat Jigg & Pusha T
30. Ol'Steel - Comme Nous ( Prod. by Pacman)