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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Houston Police stomp 15 year old black boy!!


"For more than nine months, we've been following the story of Chad Holley, a teen who said he was beaten by police officers during an arrest. Four officers have been charged with crimes for the beating, and now, for the first time in this ABC13 Exclusive, we're getting to see the video. Every patrol cop in this story has been told the video is out. The mayor wouldn't let you see it -- or the district attorney or the police chief. We've all been told it's graphic and disturbing, and we remind you it is, as we show the video so many Houstonians have wanted to see. It was an afternoon in March when a security camera captures the end of a Houston police pursuit. Burglar Chad Holley tries to make a run for it, but he's clipped by a police car and falls on the ground. He clearly puts his arms out in the surrender pose then folds his arms before police move in." - 13 News.



I hope this puts some perspective on how certain members of our society are treated by law enforcement and where some of this treatment is taking place.


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