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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The D.O.C. blasts N.W.A.!


''They Didn't Want Me There...''
1:00PM ET February 10th, 2011
Contributor : Stephen Willis
A Rocky Williform Company
The D.O.C. Blasts N.W.A.

Former Ruthless and Death Row Records rapper/ghostwriter The D.O.C. has announced that he will be releasing a tell-all documentary about his tenure at both labels. D.O.C. became one of the most respected names in West Coast hip hop (though he is actually from Dallas, TX) through his connections with N.W.A. and his critically-acclaimed Dr. Dre-produced solo debut No One Can Do It Better. But somewhere along the line, things went sour for D.O.C. and he and Dre parted ways. Now, the rapper is telling his version of what really happened.

"Whenever these guys did interviews, whenever they took pictures, whenever they did videos, they went out of they way not to let me in ‘em," D.O.C. told HipHopDX. "If you go back you’ll never see me in none of ‘em. They wouldn’t let me in ‘em. They didn’t want me there, I think because they didn’t want muthafuckas to know that they wasn’t writing they own shitt. If you go back to they old interviews, [when] the interviewers would ask them muthafuckas questions they would look fuckin’ dumbfounded. Because, the questions that they were asking the muthafuckas was about lyrics that I wrote for ‘em. Only Cube really understood I think what the aim was. Dre did sonically. But Cube understood what we was trying to aim for. That’s why his subsequent albums were in that same vein."

D.O.C. also ghostwrote much of Dr. Dre's material for his 1992 classic The Chronic.
"For me, it’s not really about the negative aspects of the story," D.O.C. said. "What happened to me, you know, boo hoo, that was for Doc [to go through]. I just think the story is really neat. I think it makes a really cool story. [But] if you’re gonna tell it, tell that bitch right."


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