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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Open Letter To Parents


PLEASE do not allow your children to stay attached to their phone all day. Set limitations. Restrict their usage until they've shown they are responsible and can be trusted. Too many young children are allowed to have unrestricted access to calls, texts, Internet, pic sharing, etc to the point where their phone is the center of their lives. Children have no real perspective. It is not fair to them OR the educators you send them to 23 days out of the month! The more parents allow their children to totally engross themselves in social media/texting, the less emphasis there is on education, respectful behavior and team building. I see a trend of self centered, entitled, tunnel-vision having teens that are really looking for a connection. When I was being raised by my mother, there were limitations on television, phone time, play time, etc. I wasn't even allowed to isolate myself in my room all day. Don't just BE a parent. Parent!

A Phone Isn't A Phone


A cellphone isn't even a phone anymore. It's an unfettered portal to instant gratification. It's a constant distraction from living in the moment. People can't enjoy simple moments anymore it seems without the snap a picture or a tweet about it. Thinks about "live-tweeting" shows like Breaking Bad or Scandal for example. Instead of watching the hottest tv show out, people are mini blogging about it in almost real time. TV used to be THE ultimate distraction. Mobile devices, as they are now called, are quite often the hub of popularity for teens. This generation's self esteem is a reflection of likes on their Instagram, Tumblr and Facebook pages. That is what makes them cool these days. I look around at restaurants, on the road while driving, walking through the mall... you name it and people are on their phone. There are distracted walking campaigns because of cellphone use. Our phones are so important to us nowadays but phone isn't a phone anymore though. Who even talks on the phone now?