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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

[Video Proof] Lebron James tells D Wade they may reunite next year


“Like I said, if we aren’t better this year, we’re gonna reunite again and do some bigger and better things, alright? You already know.” - Lebron James to Dwyane Wade after Christmas Day loss

The knee jerk reaction to this comment is that Lebron James may leave Cleveland after this year if they do not do as well as he expected. The salary cap goes up next year and positions "King James" for another record payday. What if this isn't what we think it is though? What if Dwyane Wade were the one to come to Cleveland or what if they both went somewhere completely different? After this season, Wade would be in the second year of a a two-year, $31.1 million deal with a player option for the second year. It's feasible but don't count on it. Most likely, Lebron James will go down in history as the greatest journeyman ever.

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Monday, August 11, 2014

President Obama Honors Robin Williams


Robin Williams was an airman, a doctor, a genie, a nanny, a president, a professor, a bangarang Peter Pan, and everything in between. But he was one of a kind. He arrived in our lives as an alien – but he ended up touching every element of the human spirit. He made us laugh. He made us cry. He gave his immeasurable talent freely and generously to those who needed it most – from our troops stationed abroad to the marginalized on our own streets. The Obama family offers our condolences to Robin’s family, his friends, and everyone who found their voice and their verse thanks to Robin Williams.

 I like to remember him like this :)

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Record builds up and brings together Denton’s diverse hip-hop scene



Record builds up and brings together Denton’s diverse hip-hop scene

Published: 07 August 2014 12:51 PM

Keldrick Scott doesn’t claim to be a rapper.

The Denton High School alumnus doesn’t count himself among the city’s many musicians.

The CEO of the newly minted Denton label Gitmo said he just had a vision and some hustle.

“I can’t rap. I can’t sing. I can’t produce,” Scott said. “My concept was breaking barriers and building bonds. I know all these artists and I know their music. There was a lot of division in the Denton rap scene. A lot of people on the scene wanted to work with certain people. I wanted to get people to work with people they’d never worked with. And I wanted to get people to work with producers they’d never worked with.”

It turns out that Scott either has good instincts or missed a calling in politics.

Gitmo’s debut release, Breakin’ Barriers: Buildin’ Bonds, is a strapping record of intentional hip-hop made by young men (and women) who crave precise verse and integrity. There’s no big pimping or fake stunting, just fiery upstart artists who can turn their less-than-glamorous hustle into the kind of conviction that shows you the riches through their rags.

Scott said he framed the project as a favor at first, but paid for talent and studio time, too. Three partners financed the record, and Scott said the project took 11 months in part because they were paying $60 for a beat, $100 for mixing services and more for studio time.

“We did the first song, and let me tell you, Facebook is amazing,” Scott said. “Once we started to do tracks, the artists started talking about it on Facebook and people started showing up.”
Scott didn’t divulge any rivalries, but said Breakin’ Barriers did just that.

“When we started, there were some artists who didn’t like each other, who had a history of threatening each other,” he said.

Scott said his concept was to avoid making a mix tape.

“They didn’t submit songs,” he said. “If you wanted to be on a track, you had to show up. We’d all meet. I’d be like, ‘You want to make a song? We’re meeting up.’ The artists talked about their ideas. They’d write a few bars and another artist would say, ‘Try this.’ If it was good enough, they got on the track. If it wasn’t, they didn’t. But they could keep trying. None of them wanted to be the weakest guy on the track. Hip-hop guys are good followers.”

Scott recruited accomplished local producers to build the music: Izzy “The Kid,” Shagg, Apollo Bangz, TLit, Digo, Ritchy Flo, Trae “THEEEE” Hitmakah, Quicksaand and Stu Brootal.

Scott said they made 36 songs and put 19 on the record, plus an intro. The rappers take turns proclaiming their primacy on the local scene (“The Last Supper,” “Loyalty and Respect” and “Ball in My Zone”) and take a few breaks to suspend the jockeying for old-school feel-good numbers ( “Light Up a Blunt,” “Pour It Out” and “One of a Kind”).

The record is a sampler of Denton’s old guard hip-hop — with Pudge of Fab Deuce, Stu Brootal and Ernie McCrackin’ writing bulletproof bars. Southeast Denton gets good representation on the record, with the likes of more hardcore rap from Smitty and Whoa seasoning the record with old-school chest thumping.

AV the Great teases listeners with gold-standard bars, but doesn’t eclipse his peers. You end up wanting more of Denton’s hip-hop golden child, but AV was understandably reserving energy for his third album due out at the end of the month. Likewise for Wreckamic, a guy with impeccable flow and writing chops. Rising Denton hip-hop artist Wild Bill’s poetry and pinpoint meta-cultural references are as sharp as ever.

Breakin’ Barriers brings a diverse crew together, but the roundtable construction of the record makes for a cohesive product.

Scott pays the bills working in home health, but said he’s got a roster of talent signed to Gitmo. He said he feels like the project was a way of making a contribution to a city that set some hopes on him. Scott graduated from Denton High in 1998, and played football on scholarship for the University of Minnesota for a year (“Man, I love the cold,” he said).

“I just woke up one day and didn’t want to do that anymore. I’d been having issues with the coach,” Scott said. “I decided to come home. A lot of people probably think I didn’t do right.”

Gitmo seems poised for a future, even if he’s not making money yet.

“There are 20 more rappers who want to be on the next one,” Scott said.
Breakin’ Barriers will be available on iTunes and at Recycled Books Records CDs.

“There’s unity in the scene now,” Scott said. “Maybe not all the issues got settled, but they at least got set aside.”

LUCINDA BREEDING can be reached at 940-566-6877. Follow her on Twitter at @LBreedingDRC.


Various artists, Breakin’ Barriers: Buildin’ Bonds

“Last Supper” — This trick delivers Denton’s hip-hop strong suits. Ritchy Flo deals a full house of winning beats, a rhythm anchored by a chime-like, pendulum swing of a beat. Flo adds in a twitchy electro rattle and blunted bumping drumbeat. Flo’s beat inspires a triumvirate of young flowmasters Wild Bill, Buk Baby and Masa Lopez. Wild Bill claims his space with confidence, asking, “What’s your bread count?” Buk Baby goes on a tear of first-rate verse, working the metaphor over for all he can (“you trying to get a slice, we going for the loaf”), then passes the baton to Lopez.

“Pocket Full of Knots” — Pudge opens the track with tricky rapid-fire rhyme about the life of a rapper who isn’t rolling in cash, but isn’t low on grind, either. Stu Brootal eases through the speed-round without a hitch, letting LOC and Duke pack heat with more aggressive rhyming. King Pap doesn’t disappoint, ticking off the hard work it takes to be in the game: early mornings, naysayers, lackluster props from name-droppers. If this is hip-hop by committee, it’s an example of how to punch the clock proper.

“One of a Kind” — You know how Big Boi seems to make melodies without breaking a sweat? If there’s one thing Breakin’ Barriers lacks, it’s singing. Close to the end of the record, Rockbaby, Buk Baby and LOC break off some sweet, soulful singing. The trio takes a page out of a slambook by Prince and Andre 3000, laying down some lazy falsetto (you can nearly see them lounging through a blunt-fueled haze) between the bars of boss rhyme.
— Lucinda Breeding


The artists on Breakin’ Barriers: Buildin’ Bonds are:
AV the Great
Buk Baby
Casper Capo
Ernie McCrackin’
June Jetson
Killah Koedine
King Pap
Lil M.A.T.
Masa Lopez
Matt G.
Ritchy Flo
S. Good
Sir Swizz
Stu Brootal
Wild Bill

You can sample the music and purchase at the link below

Monday, July 28, 2014

[Mixtape] Cash And Respect presents #TheSource


 Front Cover

 Back Cover

Alternate cover

Cash & Respect & Milla "Da Mayor" present a compilation album exclusively comprised of artist from or living in Denton, TX.

The music scene in Denton, TX is ranked nationally for the number of performing artists per capita.
Mainstays such as Buk Baby, J Whoa, Renzo, Tracy Counts (T.C.), Wreckamic, Pudge of Fab Deuce, Lil Ben Aka Smitty, AV The Great & King Pap headline this project after being prominent figures in the local scene for the better part of a decade while fresh new faces and up and comers like Masa Lopez, Casper Capo, Lil Mat, T.$., Max A Milli, Ro'Bee, iGenuiz, Yung God, EWOK the Kid, June Jetson, Vendetta & more bring the heat and introduce you to their sound.


Look out for solo releases by these artists

Friday, July 11, 2014

[New Music] Slate Stone - God Blessed My Life


Peace & Blessings! Here is a Banger for the summer! Listen for yourself!
Stay 1000*

Promo share below:

#BangAlert "God Blessed My Life" @SlateStoneMusic & @RIDAHMOVEMENT prod by @miraclebeatboy http://goo.gl/RKIoXW #GBML1000 #1000Network

About Slate Stone

-- Immersed in the culture of Hip Hop since early childhood, Slate Stone, born Tomas Juan Carlos Sawyer, began expressing his love for music. Through his experience with producing, writing and performing, Slate has evolved himself into a very talented and well-balanced artist. Known for his creative wordplay and razor-sharp lyricism, Slate Stone has proven himself proficient in the world of Hip-Hop. Slate’s dedication to his craft has been his most valuable asset. A Texas native, Slate is known as one of the best rap/hip-hop acts in the West Texas region. His skills from start to finish, are recognized through his high level of intensity and lyrical genius. “I wanna show the music industry what it really takes to get recognized and respected”, Slate said. “You can’t just put a web page up or record a few records and expect that to make your career. You gotta measure yourself to yourself, not to what others have done... Always strive to be better tomorrow..do you! Be Honest. Be Creative. You have to create a compelling impact -- it’s all about the hustle and dedication to music.” 

Keep it 1000*

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

[Mixtape] Street Connect - Narrated by Dj Scream


Mixshow Prime is proud to release the first installment of the Street Connect mixtape series. This mixtape is narrated by MMG/Hoodrich's own DJ Scream. The 18 track collective features the hottest music in the streets from some of today's most talented artist. 

1. DJ Scream - Intro
2. Young Thug & Rich Homie Quan - Lifestyle
3. Jef Jon Sin - Strip
4. Kirko Bangs - I Aint Gotta Lie
5. Rocko ft. Nas - Hustle
6. DJ Scream Speaks
7. Rockboy K9 - Ghetto
8. Scholito - Drunkin Squarez
9. Streetz-n- Young Deuces ft. Eazy Hayes & Ferro Haze - You Know It
10. DJ Scream Speaks
11. Petter Jones ft. Trel Mack & Shawn Archer - Three 
12. Gillie Da Kid ft. Waka Flocka, Freeway & Kief Brown - Shootaz
13. Migos ft Young Thug, Rich Homie Quan & Jermaine Dupri - New Atlanta
14. Rich Quick - Real Rugged
15. DJ Scream Outro
16. Benisour - Love
17. Brando Jones ft. Twista, B.O.B. & T-Pain - Sex You (Remix)
18. Mel Alston Jr ft. Trel Mack & Rich Quick - Dreamer II

Download now via audiomack

[New Music] @d3chalieboy - #Chalie


1. All On Me (Featuring Chamillionaire & Duce D) (Produced by Flawless Tracks)
2. RNDB (Produced by Cuttamuzik)
3. Wood Wheel Classes (Featuring Lil’ O & Paul Wall) (Produced by Mingo)
4. Say Yeah (Featuring Womack) (Produced by Mingo)
5. Shawty So Fine (Featuring Willstrumentals) (Produced by Willstrumentals)
6. I Deserve Respect (Featuring Myk Fresh) (Produced by Euro Slim)
7. Splitarillo (Featuring RonRon PowerUp) (Produced by 5’3″)
8. Time Waits (Interlude) (Produced by Cuttamuzik)
9. 100s & 50s (Featuring Just Brittany & Giovanni Tha King) (Produced by Mingo)
10. Big Dawg Woofers (Featuring Tum Tum) (Produced by Cuttamuzik)
11. They Can’t Tell Me Nothin’ (Feat. T-Wayne & Fat Pimp) (Produced by Fred On ‘Em)
12. Life With No Filter (Produced by Slugger)
13. Thick Fine Woman (Featuring Lil’ Ronny MothaF, No Shame & Fat Pimp) (Produced by Rippa)
14. Media Takeout (Featuring Mr. Blakes) (Produced by Slugger)
Bonus Tracks
15. I’m Gone (Lil’ Ronny MothaF Featuring Chalie Boy & Frost 214)
16. Top of The World (Tum Tum Featuring Dorrough & Chalie Boy)
17. Makin’ Love In The Range (Da Ryno Featuring Chalie Boy)
18. Salty (Beat King Featuring Lil’ O & Chalie Boy)
19. State of Mind (Louisiana Cash Featuring Chalie Boy)
20. Welcome To The Neighborhood (DJ Mr. Rogers Intro)


BOOKING INFO: 512-731-5842

Friday, June 6, 2014

How To Have Fun In The Sun


Aren’t you glad all the ice is gone and you can have fun outdoors again? Have you been thinking of some outdoor fun you can get into with friends or family? Why not make a jet-ski rental and enjoy fun in the sun at one of your local lakes! Jet Ski Rental Dallas serves Lake Lewisville, Lake Grapevine and Lake Ray Roberts. Their watercrafts are a step above industry standard and they’ll even take care of the towing, dropping and pulling. Just show up and ride!   

Price Per Hour
2 hours – $130
3 hours – $185
4 hours – $235
5 hours – $285
6 hours – $335
7 hours – $385
8 hours – $


Gulabi Gang - Indian Female Empowerment Group


They track down abusive husbands and beat them with brooms but they also....

  • Stop child marriages
  • Persuade families to educate girl-child
  • Train women in self-defense
  • Oppose corruption in administration
  • Create awareness about the evils of dowry
  • Register FIRs against sex-offenders and abusive husbands
  • Publicly shame molesters
  • Encourage women to become financially independent

CIA's epic first tweet


Want to follow the @cia?

Justin Bieber Needs To Go Away Forever


I'm a white guy that just turned 30. I grew up immersed in hip hop culture. I have worked with gold and platinum producers as well as artists. I have a unique perspective on culture, race, gender, etc. I make distinctions between those that are genuine, wannabes and those who exploit other cultures for their own gain. In my opinion, Justin Bieber represents the latter. Yes he's very young and yes he was much younger when he recorded this video singing about killing n*ggers and joining the Ku Klux Klan, he's still just a punk ass white boy in my opinion. He's not someone I would have wanted to be friends with or hang out with at that age or at any age since then. He's an entitled punk and after seeing this video, it's cemented.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Open Letter To Parents


PLEASE do not allow your children to stay attached to their phone all day. Set limitations. Restrict their usage until they've shown they are responsible and can be trusted. Too many young children are allowed to have unrestricted access to calls, texts, Internet, pic sharing, etc to the point where their phone is the center of their lives. Children have no real perspective. It is not fair to them OR the educators you send them to 23 days out of the month! The more parents allow their children to totally engross themselves in social media/texting, the less emphasis there is on education, respectful behavior and team building. I see a trend of self centered, entitled, tunnel-vision having teens that are really looking for a connection. When I was being raised by my mother, there were limitations on television, phone time, play time, etc. I wasn't even allowed to isolate myself in my room all day. Don't just BE a parent. Parent!

A Phone Isn't A Phone


A cellphone isn't even a phone anymore. It's an unfettered portal to instant gratification. It's a constant distraction from living in the moment. People can't enjoy simple moments anymore it seems without the snap a picture or a tweet about it. Thinks about "live-tweeting" shows like Breaking Bad or Scandal for example. Instead of watching the hottest tv show out, people are mini blogging about it in almost real time. TV used to be THE ultimate distraction. Mobile devices, as they are now called, are quite often the hub of popularity for teens. This generation's self esteem is a reflection of likes on their Instagram, Tumblr and Facebook pages. That is what makes them cool these days. I look around at restaurants, on the road while driving, walking through the mall... you name it and people are on their phone. There are distracted walking campaigns because of cellphone use. Our phones are so important to us nowadays but phone isn't a phone anymore though. Who even talks on the phone now?

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[Video] @bfloblk - Buffalo Black - Warpaint


@BfloBlk & Team CMG Present - "Warpaint", Dir. by Kevin Kagema of Wook Studios! DL"Let There Be Blk" FREE! Buffalo Black on Soundcloud!

From VOL I of the Buffalo Black Anthology, "Let There Be BLK" and the Self Titled LP- "Buffalo Black"
Song written and performed by Buffalo Black
Produced by Mattron

[Music] Hottest in OKC: @Jones405 - Busy #BlackFriday2


For more of Yung Jones, visit:

Don't forget to check out that BLACK FRIDAY 2!!!

Friday, January 3, 2014