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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Dallas Mavs receive RING POPS from Bazooka! #bling


Bazooka sends the Dallas Mavericks some championship Ring Pops

Bazooka sends the Dallas Mavericks some championship Ring Pops
Somewhat-famously, last June, Mark Cuban jokingly dismissed the idea of giving his championship Dallas Mavericks their championship rings. Cuban called the idea behind handing out the traditional championship rings "old school," and mused aloud as to what sort of show-offy prize he would give his team.

Now, after the NBA owners locked out their players, Cuban can't even re-tweet a celebration photo from Dirk Nowitzki's(notes) Twitter account without facing a million-dollar fine, much less hand out some prized jewelry. That's where Bazooka steps in, sporting all sorts of sugar-laden bling.

Bazooka is sending the team a series of Maverick-blue candy rings. Via CBS Sports:
"Bazooka Candy Brands, the iconic confectionary company and manufacturer of Ring Pops, believes that the Dallas Mavericks should be rewarded for all their hard work and their NBA Finals win," the company said in a statement.
"That is why they will be stepping in and saving the day, creating Swarovski-encrusted Ring Pops in the team colors of Blue and White for the team to wear to celebrate their feat.
The Ring Pops will be shipped to the team shortly."
Your move, Mark.


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