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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lil Wayne Talks Retirement, Sobriety


''This Is My Life...''

6:00AM ET March 30th, 2011
Contributor : Hip Hop Blog Staff
A Rocky Williform Company
Lil Wayne Talks Retirement, Sobriety

For years, Lil Wayne has rarely been seen without a cup filled with 'Purple Drank,' a mix of codeine, fruit punch and promethazine that is both popular and notorious for being linked to several prominent hip hop deaths. But following his release from prison in November 2010, Wayne was put on probation and prohibited from consuming any substances that contain alcohol. Weezy admits that this has been a difficult adjustment, but acknowledged that prison was a much harder transition to make.
“The hardest part about it was just coming from the life we live…coming from having a chauffer, masseuse, this that and the third. That’s why it’s different for everybody that goes,” Wayne told Hot 97s Angie Martinez [video here]. He also alluded to the success that his proteges Drake and Nicki Minaj attained while he was away. “People think when you say work hard it’s just, ‘Okay let me put two extra hours in.' No, this is my life. That’s why retiring at 35 would be a life lived, because this music thing is my life. I want their singles to be hotter than mine. That’s why Nicki comes out after me. It’s all part of a plan.”


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