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Thursday, August 16, 2012

[Trailer] C.O.P. - Crimes Of Police: A Documentary On Police Brutality by @ZarTheDip


The murder of Ernest Duenez Jr, by Manteca, CA Police Officer John Moody and his families calls for justice and accountability along with other families to be profiled in film C.O.P. CRIMES OF POLICE.
C.O.P (Crimes Of Police) is an independant Documentary film project directed by upcoming film maker Ansar El Muhammad (Zar the Dip). The film presents an historical look at Police Brutality and corruption and  covers in great detail high profile Police Brutality Cases from across the nation. The film however hinges on 4 or 5 local cases from Northern California which is where the  film maker is from. The film is produced by Undabozz Films.  The film maker decided to take on this project after attending a funeral of a friend killed by police and was inspired to lend his talents toward giving a voice to the families of victims of police brutality from the area he lives and has grown up in. The Film Maker conducted hours upon hours of interviews in the field, attended, recorded funerals, protests and rallies on behalf of some of the victims, and did extensive research on the cases covered. The film is dedicated to an older friend of the film maker , Patrick Lewis, who was killed by a police officer in San Mateo California  in the mid 80's and Bobby Hutton the first black panther party member that was murdered by Oakland  police in 1968, Bobby hutton was 17 years old. The film is slated to be released in December of 2012, several local screenings are scheduled and the filmaker hopes to get the film into various film festivals as well. For more information facebook.com/crimesof police, crimesofpolice@gmail.com or call 650 276-0232. The Crimes of Police Movie trailer is now available via youtube AT http://youtu.be/2agQI15LFqs  and on various websites across the world wide web.


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