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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hip Hop: Who Has The Most Klout?


The Klout Score measures influence based on your ability to drive action. Every time you create content or engage you influence others. The Klout Score uses data from social networks in order to measure:

  • True Reach: How many people you influence
  • Amplification: How much you influence them
  • Network Impact: The influence of your network
The Klout score is more relevant than people think. It measure much more than popularity or fame. It measures INFLUENCE on a scale of 1-100. This is my list of hip hop artists and moguls and their respective Klout scores. You may be surprised!


Drake -90 (steady)
Nicki Minaj - 89 (steady)

Wale - 88 (steady)
Mac Miller - 88 (steady)
Lil Wayne - 84 (steady)
Wiz Khalifa - 84 (steady)
Rick Ross - 83 (steady)
Yelawolf - 83 (rising fast)

Snoop Dogg - 82 (steady)
Tyler The Creator - 82 (steady)
Tyga - 82 (steady)
J Cole - 81 (steady)
Big Sean - 81 (steady)
Soulja Boy - 80 (steady)
50 Cent - 80 (steady)
Kreayshawn - 79 (steady)
Nas - 79 (steady)

Eminem - 79 (steady)
Kanye West - 78 (slight decline)
The Game - 78 (declining)
Diggy Simmons - 78 (slight decline)
Ludacris - 78 (slowly rising)
Machine Gun Kelly - 78 (steady)

Astronomical Kid aka Astro - 76 (rising fast)

Lil B - 76 (steady)
Waka Flocka Flame - 76 (slowly rising)
Fabolous - 74 (slight decline)
Lupe Fiasco - 74 (steady)
Busta Rhymes - 73 (steady)
Slim Thug - 71 (steady)
Jay-Z - 71 (slight incline)
 Bun B - 71 (steady)
Plies - 71 (steady)
Jim Jones - 70 (steady)
Kendrick Lamar - 70 (rising)
Big Krit - 68 (steady)
Trae Tha Truth - 67  (steady)
Webbie - 66 (steady)
Ice Cube - 64 (steady)
Chamillionaire - 64 (steady)
Wreckamic - 64 (rising slightly)
Gucci Mane - 63 (steady)
Paul Wall - 63 (slight incline)
Z-Ro - 61 (steady)
Jay Rock - 54 (declining fast)
Chalie Boy - 53 (steady)
Tum Tum - 45 (steady)

Are you surprised to see your favorite rapper lower than other rappers you can't stand? Wonder why Jay-Z, Eminem, Nas, Kanye West, Ludacris and other super stars didn't crack the top 10? Well, it's all about social networking and posting content that is relevant to a wide consumer base. Justin Bieber's Klout score is 100 because whatever he posts online, other influential people re-post, re-tweet, re-blog, like, love and share to their respective networks. I was surprised to learn that my Klout score was higher than Gucci Mane because he is so famous but when I looked at his Twitter, his tweets weren't interesting and he rarely tweets. Jay Z may be THE most influential rapper on this list but his Klout is low compared to his impact on the culture because he doesn't utilize social media that much at all. Artists like Mac Miller, Tyler The Creator, Tyga, Yelawolf, Big Sean, Astro, Lil B, and Machine Gun Kelly have successfully cultivated a loyal fan base that helps spread their content like wildfire across the web.


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