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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Wichita Falls HS QB Breaks State Record: 683 Yards


Statistically speaking: Texas QB sets record with 683-yard game

The annals of Texas high school football history are long and well maintained. Nary a game goes by that isn't thoroughly recorded, logged, and compared with other performances to ensure that no fantastic performances are slipping through the cracks.

Wichita Falls quarterback Dylan Sheffield
By Friday evening, those books had been re-written, with Wichita Falls (Texas) High quarterback Dylan Sheffield assuming the mantle for most passing yards in a game after he threw for an astounding 683 yards -- and an astonishing seven touchdowns -- in the Coyotes' 53-49 victory against Denton (Texas) High.

According to the Associated Press and Wichita Falls News Record, among other sources, the new state record broke the previous mark of 634 yards set in 2009 by Richardson (Texas) High quarterback Mac Morse by a whopping 49 yards. Perhaps more impressively, the memorable night was capped off by the most important play of the game, an 81-yard, game-winning touchdown pass from Sheffield to wide receiver Chance Garey with less than a minute remaining in the game, the Times Record reported.

"We had confidence the whole game," Sheffield told the Times Record. "We didn't feel like we could be stopped, and even on that last drive, I knew we weren't going to lose.
"We felt like we could throw the ball, and we felt like we were going to score a lot of points. I thought it was going to come down to who got the ball last, and luckily we got the ball last."

Sheffield already held the Wichita Falls school record for passing yards in a game before his Friday night explosion, but he broke his own mark with more than a quarter remaining against Denton. Incredibly, the Coyotes needed every single yard and touchdown Sheffield could pass for to get the win.

When all was accounted for, Sheffield had thrown for all seven of Wichita Falls' touchdowns, with his coach reflecting on his team's miraculous escape with the Times Record moments after the final whistle ensured that the Coyotes would go home as the winner … and that Sheffield would have his name next to a prominent and historic mark in Texas football lore.
"It's the craziest game I've ever been a part of," WFHS coach Jayson Lavender said. "These kids have a never-give-up attitude. They're a bunch of fighters, and they're never out of a game.
"We jumped on the field with 54 seconds left, and our offense is built for this. This is what we live for."


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