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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

[Music/Video] B. Hardy - Killer Dude


Wednesday, Oct. 31, 2012
B. Hardy is Back: New single "Killer Dude" Marks B. Hardy's Return to Dallas' Hip Hop Scene

DALLAS — After a two-year hiatus, B. Hardy (also known as the infamous RapBot-5000 of Throwaway Rhymes fame) is back with the new single titled "Killer Dude." 
The single, produced by Trifecka, is fast-paced for a twisted good time. "Killer Dude" delivers triumphantly as the perfect introduction to upcoming album Psycho. "Killer Dude" entertains listeners with an effortless mix of unapologetic bravado and keen intelligence, dipped in dope lyrics and wrapped in dark humor--all in true B. Hardy fashion. 

"I want people to hear the single and say they had a good time listening to the record, even though they've just finished listening to four minutes of murder," says B. Hardy. And the accompanying video—an excellent nod to grainy-yet-vicious vintage slasher films directed by Ronnie West— follows suit. 

Fully recovered from vocal chord surgery, "Killer Dude" is B. Hardy's way of prepping us for his awaited return to the Dallas music scene. The single signals the upcoming album Psycho, to be released early 2013. Lame lyricists beware: B. Hardy is after you, and he's a killer, dude. 

Download the single [ HERE ].
View the video [On Vimeo]
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