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Friday, December 23, 2011

Rihanna Get Fitted For Gold Grill


Rihanna Shows Off New Grill

photo: RihannaNow.com

Pop superstar Rihanna has never been shy about tattoos. So why should a grill for her teeth be any different? The 23-year-old recently showed off her new golden grill in a sneak peek for her upcoming video "You Da One."

Rihanna's new dental accessory is causing no small amount of interest on the Web. The grill appears be to be gold and covers only the lower half of her mouth. For those who aren't well versed, most grills are removable, but sometimes the grill is permanently attached.

Of course, Rihanna is far from the first person to cover her teeth with gold or diamonds. Kanye West and Lil' Wayne have both done it. In fact, Lil' Wayne's grill is pretty much permanent. During an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, he said, "The grills ... the grills, they come out. These don't, I'm going to die with these. So these are my teeth. I can go to the dentist and switch them out, but it's surgery."

No word on whether Rihanna made a similar commitment. However, the language Rihanna uses in a video that shows her getting fitted for the grill implies that it isn't permanent. "I'm getting a grill made," Rihanna mumbles, "for an upcoming video shoot." To us, that translates to: "Don't freak out, fans; it's temporary."
That would probably be a smart move, businesswise. In addition to having a singing career, Rihanna is a spokesmodel for CoverGirl. Something tells us the company wouldn't be too thrilled if Rihanna couldn't remove her golden grill during photo shoots.

Check out Rihanna getting fitted for her grill in the video below.


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