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Friday, May 27, 2011

[Album] Dewun Music - Trakk Season


 Trakk Season promo video "I Hate Losing"

Track 01
"Info Intro"
DeWun spits 8 bars over a hot track to let his fan base know where to find him online.

Track 02
"Intro/Audible Exercise"
DeWun's slow flow wets the listener's ear drums for the preceding bangers. "This is Trakk Season track 01 for a reason. Trakk Blazers drop the beat. DeWun went to eatin"

Track 03
"I HATE Losing"
The guitar sampling by the Trakk Blazers at the intro of this track is ridiculous! This is the hottest solo track on the album. DeWun's flow and cadence is on point. The line "Im bout to blow soon better rush for the exit" shows that he's not playing when he says "you will never see me losing".

Track 04
 "The Truth"
DeWun gets his Young Jeezy on for this one! The heavy hitting drums set the tempo for DeWun to ride the flow complete with "yeahhhh" adlibs. This song is 100% REAL TALK

Track 05
"L.I.E." ft X1
Two big dogs on 1 track! The hard snare immediately grabs the listeners attention while DeWun displays his humor for the first time on Trakk Season. X1 brings a unique delivery and "a bad habit of acronym-img when" he's spittin'. X1 is hilarious at the end of the track!

Track 06
"Bully" ft X1 & Godda
DeWun and The Trakk Blazers bring the boom bap on this one! X1 sets the tone for lyrical fans with the line "I spit Manny Pacquiaos". That one made me LOL and I had to rewind it. DeWun delivers a strong descriptive verse that may leave bullied listeners with flashbacks of wedgies and stolen lunch money. Godda managed a way to rhyme "recylables" on verse 3 a long with 22 other almost identical rhymes. This is definitely for the spitters!

Track 07
"All-Stars" ft O.B. & Wordsmith
This is an industry single. I found myself humming this hook while running errands the other day and couldn't place how I got the tune stuck in my head. I kept thinking it was a Ne-Yo song until I came back to #TrakkSeason again. This one gets heavy rotation! Did I mention that the rapping was nowhere close to what people expect from the industry? Great combo.

Track 08
"Winning" ft A.N.T
Charlie Sheen is one odd character and the interview snippets set the tone for this one. The percussion sounds almost like its live. "Winning" showcases two artists very familiar with one another. DeWun & A.N.T. have worked with each other plenty times before and still possess the same chemistry that can always be expected from them. "Just a boy meeting the world with no advice from Mr. Feeny" #Winning

Track 09
"Less Like You"
The metaphors in this one are ridiculous! The sports references are also fresh and clever. The Trakk Blazers might have outdone themselves on this track. SICK!

Track 10
"Problem" ft Wreck-A-Mic
Heavy spitters on deck! I had to bring my most lyrical on this one. The beat was so sick that I wrote two separate verses and let DeWun choose! I secretly wish this song were MINE. Shhh...don't tell

Track 11
"I Know" ft Lady Jay
This one shows DeWun at his cockiest. Lady Jay delivered a smooth performance. Favorite line: "Now they actin brand new...bitches" I can imagine the "SMH" that followed that one. Ha!

Track 12
"Wun Of A Kind" ft Ben Cina
This one didn't move me that much. I think Ben Cina sounds like an accomplished pop artist but his plain vocal delivery doesn't do the hook justice. This collaboration seems a little contrived. DeWun does his thing lyrically as usual. I'm sure the ladies will LOVE this one! Not my favorite track on the album.

Track 13
"Far Away/Operate" ft Cadice Eden
Back to back poppy love songs got me taking a sandwich break. DeWun doesn't appear on "Far Away" til 1:08 after a long buildup on the intro and then Ms Eden's delivery of the song's hook. "And if the shoe aint fit then what Im sposed to do wit it? Oh. Lace it up before yous start to trip". DeWun depicts an up and down slash hot/cold relationship. "Operate" is half remix, half skit with DeWun delivering 8 bars in a slowed down "screw" voice. I wanted to hear a whole song with that style because "Far Away" left me wanting.

Track 14
"Remember" ft Mahogani
Okay, I'm about ready to fall asleep. Something tells me I shouldn't be listening to this song alone. The flow of the cd up to this point has been spot on however it has begun to wind down and get a LOT slower. Don't get me wrong! I REALLY like this song. It has a dope Neo Soul vibe to it. Mahogani delivers a sultry performance that I can appreciate and DeWun puts on his whisper voice to work. I'm wondering how the album is going to end. I don't want to be let down by a fizzle.

Track 15
"Close Your Eyes"
ADRENALINE SHOT!!! The Trakk Blazers channel the Heatmakerz for this one (famed Dip-Set producers) Straight dope! DeWun delivers with perfect cadence and seems to be in comfort zone at this tempo. "I just wanna see my name in a Vibe or The Source, make a couple dollars while I'm on a world tour, kick it with my fans signing cds in a store. God all I ask is that you open up the door!" As a a fellow artist and colleague of DeWun's, I felt that.

Track 16
"Trakk Season Outro"
DeWun reminds you how to contact The Trakk Blazers and himself.


  1. Nice breakdown. Pretty much spot on what I thought of the album/each track. "Problem" happens to my fave as far as the beat. DeWun's lyrics on it are grimier than the other tracks. Kind of surprised me a bit. Still good but gutta. Your lyrics however....Thumbs UP! I think you found a new fan. LOL. Love your flow.

    The slower beats at the end of the album did seem out of place and made me question the track order. Or maybe subtract one R&B track and replace with another fast beat. Lady J is great.

    Solid project overall.

  2. Thanks for commenting! I'm glad you agree because that means you like the album as much as I do. DeWun makes good music. Even though the slower relationship songs played back to back weren't my cup of tea, that's really my only critique. I love the track for "Problem" too. I could've spit 64 on that one! Glad you enjoyed

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