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Friday, January 14, 2011



Its about that time again....its been January 2010 for two weeks now. Its too late to be wishing people "happy new year!" but last year is still fresh on our minds. THIS is a list of a 10 things that I would be happy to forget from 2010!

1. Those damn horns that everybody was blowing into during the FIFA World Cup will NOT be missed! I was proud of everybody coming together in South Africa and representing but that incessant racket worked my nerves thoroughly. The controversial Vuvuzela horn caused most of us TV viewers to hit the "mute" button. It emits 127 decibels and is louder than a pneumatic riveter. I hope they ban them from upcoming events. Team USA in 2014!!!

2.  The extreme right, the state of Arizona, and those damn teabaggers! The North American Tea Party movement can bite my ass. I got sick of hearing them whine and complain about how UnAmerican our President Obama's policies were but it irked me even more that they had no logical solutions to our obvious problems. Its cool to point out mistakes or shortcomings but come with some solutions. Be constructive! At the very least, have a platform to stand on. All they did was divide an already leadership weak GOP. Lets look at some of their contributions. Hmm...let's start with "venomous slurs" directed at gay and black congressmen, "death threats and vandalism" aimed at Democrats, and an "unglued firestorm of homicidal rhetoric."; some of which led to the attempted murder of Dem. Congresswoman Giffords. Everyone is accountable.

3. Drake. Enough is enough. I understand that he's the new sensation who can sing and rap but he should pick one and stick to it in my opinion. He's a good rapper but he has a cookie cutter flow and always sounds the same. He's nasally and annoying. He pauses way to much :insert "yeah": and I've heard plenty of girls say that some of his lyrics are just NOT believable. Now, far be it from me to judge another man's sexual prowess but I will quote my girlfriend by saying "Aint no way in hell that Drake is knockin it out box or beatin anything up. He's scrawny and beige!" lol He also started a Moscato revival of sorts, which doesn't bother me but he's responsible for  hood hoes everywhere thinking that its some high class expensive brand. It just white wine folks! smh

4. Disclaimer: I'm not a hater. lol NOW...with that out of the way, I'm tired of Travis Porter and Roscoe Dash and not for the reasons that you may think. I don't like the fact that I can't tell who's who or the fact that I just found out, as of a month ago, that Travis Porter was 3 completely different people! :sigh:  That's just too damn confusing. Also, in the "No Hands" song with Waka Flocka and Wale, a reference to Moscato was made...by a dude. That's a girly drink bro. Damn you Drake!

5. Bandwagon sports fans! 2010 was a year that saw the Texas Rangers reach the World Series for the first time ever, the Dallas Cowboys be picked as preseason Super Bowl favorites and EXTREMELY underachieve, Tiger Woods' complete fall from grace,  Michael Vick's return to stardom, as well as some tragic events that I won't go into right now. The common theme that drives me crazy is how fickle, sometimey, hypocritical, and wack people can be! It had become a common theme to overlook or crack jokes about the Rangers until the playoffs and them BOOM...all of a sudden they came out of the woodworks. The Cowboys losses showed who was a TRUE fan and who wasn't but what really intrigued me was how a person who used to be so loved (Tiger Woods) could be so villified and a person who used to be so hated (Michael Vick) could become the savior to a city (Philadelphia) that is just as known for its brotherly love as it is for running sports stars outta town! People are a trip.

6. Five different invites on facebook from the same person! I wish there was a way to "mute" people's activity for awhile. Spam is annoying enough but do you really think I'm going to come to your party just because I get a message from you every 3 mins on the day of?

7. Sentences that start out with "Dr. Oz says...". So what!?!

8. Pervert QB's. Brett Favre. I'm so glad he'll be gone for good after this year! He's a first ballot hall of famer but he's an egomaniacal prick. No pun intended. 2010 showed us how weird this guy really is. It went from an unsolicited picture of his flacid penis to a video of him asking to sniff a woman's feet. GTFOH Brett! Ben Roethlisberger. He's a rapist and there's not anything that anyone can say to me to make me think otherwise. Complete douchebag. Both of them.

9.  Homophobes and homophobia in general. As a heterosexual male who is comfortable with his sexuality, there is nothing about a gay man being gay that makes me uncomfortable. My rule is "As long as you don't bother me, you're not bothering me." Nobody wants to be hit on by someone that they are not attracted to but being paranoid that a guy is checking you out is just rediculous. Furthermore, its THEIR life to live how they see fit to live it. What you eat doesn't make me shit and who you're sleeping with doesn't get me off or turn me off. Live and let live people!

10. Ex-girlfriends or flings that can't let go. There is nothing more sad than a desperate cling-on! Most have at least a little self respect and will test to see your reaction but some don't even have a modicum of dignity, otherwise they would L.I.G. (let it go!) and move on with their life. 2010 was the first complete year of my adult life that I have been in a committed relationship and naturally I had to cut ties with certain people from my past. Needless to say, it was easier with some than with others. I noticed that I had to defriend, delete, and downright ignore some just to set the boundaries and let them know that I was serious about my current relationship. I hate that I had to do it like that because some of them started out as my friends but I also know that I chose to go past the "friend zone" and some people just can't come back from that. Adios.


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